Industrial Wastewater Treatment Monitoring

A growth pressure is defined as any factor affecting the microbial community and as a result, overall treatment performance within a wastewater treatment system (WWTS). To evaluate the current performance of a system and maintain adequate treatment, it is critical to monitor all of the eight growth pressures – BOD loading, pH, toxicity, aeration, retention time, nutrients, biomass, and temperature. There are several approaches to data collection pending the parameter and desired result that can provide enormous insight into the capabilities and shortcomings of a WWTS. These vary and range from permanently stationed equipment recording continuously to yearly in-depth studies. Regardless of the exact method, the information obtained is essential in requesting and making defendable business decisions that support operational and capital expenses, such as baffle installation or repair, dredging, additional aeration, nutrient optimization, and/or temperature control. This presentation will provide a broad overview of the eight growth pressures, focusing on the three parameters that having equipment placed in basins can provide a unique approach to monitoring, and data from previous studies where in-basin monitoring was used to address specific problems.

Richard Dolly

Director of Pulp & Paper

Richard Dolly joined EBS in December 2013. He is currently the Director of Pulp & Paper and is responsible for overseeing all EBS business within this industry. Prior to his current position, he served as the Director of Laboratories and Consulting where he oversaw all laboratory operations of the Chemistry, Microbiology, and Treatability Laboratories in addition to the technical advancements of EBS from an in-house and laboratory point of view in our endeavor to create ongoing value for EBS clients.

Richard received a B.S. in Biological Sciences from Florida State University in 2009 and a Masters in Hydrology from the University of Mississippi in 2016, where his thesis research focused on the fate of chemically persistent metals in riparian wetlands.

David Spencer

Project Coordinator

David Spencer joined EBS in February 2011 and is currently a Project Coordinator.  As a member of the Client Services Team, David's responsibilities include supporting client facing activities. He deals with field studies, maintenance down needs, trials, and activities at numerous client sites assigned to those working for him and himself. Their goal is to ensure the proper support and success of the EBS consulting, services, and programs across all the many mill locations of the client companies.

David graduated from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, LA in December 2007. He has a B.S. in Biological Sciences. He also holds Class I, II, and III Wastewater Collection and Treatment licenses in Louisiana and is working on his Class IV license.

Heather Edmunds

Senior Environmental Specialist

Heather Edmunds joined EBS in March 2015 and is a Senior Environmental Specialist working with the Project Group. As part of this team, she is responsible for managing and performing major projects such as depth surveys, tracer studies, river studies, and more depending on client needs.

Heather has her B.S. in Geological Sciences from Ball State University and M.S. in Environmental Sciences from the University of West Florida. While at UWF she was a Research Assistant working on the Pensacola Bay water quality monitoring project for the National Parks Service.

Lisa Landry

Sales Rep - Gulf Coast

Lisa Landry joined YSI in August of 2015 in a technical sales and support role for the Gulf Coast Region. Here at YSI, Lisa works with various Federal, State, and municipal governments on their water monitoring needs, conducts trainings, and assists with field operations/troubleshooting as needed. She also assists industrial clients with their monitoring needs to improve efficiency, as well as to meet their states’ permitting requirements.

Prior to her current position, Lisa worked for the government in Louisiana as a Watershed Specialist and Biologist. Lisa has a B.S. and M.S. in Biological Sciences from Southeastern Louisiana University.

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