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What Does YSI Systems and Services Mean?

We provide natural resources monitoring solutions to governments, universities, and private organizations. YSI Integrated Systems and Services goes beyond equipment sales to providing you with complete solutions including installation services, training, design... Read the Full Story

Benefits of Using a Bubbler to Measure Water Level

Simply put, Bubbler Systems measure water level based on the amount of pressure it takes to push an air bubble out of an orifice line (plastic tubing) and into the water body. This pressure, often referred to as the “line pressure”, requires changes with the elevation of the... Read the Full Story

Toxic Algae Struggle Has NASA's Attention

Little bright-green flecks of algae, floating as deep and as far as the eye could see, greeted a group of scientists on the Ohio River Friday. They had pulled up in a boat with their scientific instruments to the spot where the region sucks up much of its drinking water through... Read the Full Story

Reliable Ammonium and Nitrate Measurements from Online ISE Sensors

Water Resource Recovery Facilities (WRRF) rely on their instrumentation for keeping their facilities in compliance and running at optimum levels. Processes that have historically been labor-intensive and time-consuming have, in recent years, become more and more automated with the technological advancements and one such advancement is the use of ion selective electrodes (ISE) as part of an online monitoring and control system. Read the Full Story
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