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WS Series Auto Samplers

Automatic Stormwater or Wastewater Sampler

$2,256.00 - $2,807.00

ProSample Portable Samplers

Fully Automated Programmable Sampler

$3,603.75 - $4,336.75

Stormwater Kit for WS755 and WS705

Stormwater Kit for Water Samplers


ProSample Composite Bottles

Composite bottles for ProSample

$104.00 - $177.00

ProSample Discrete Bottle Sets

Bottle sets for discrete sampling

$255.00 - $2,090.50

ProSample Battery Chargers

Three battery chargers available for the ProSample

$249.50 - $275.50

ProSample Flow Signal Cable

Flow signal cable with open cable end for wiring


ProSample SDI-12 Cable with Flying Leads

10 meter SDI-12 cable


ProSample Strainer Basket

Two strainers available for ProSample

$171.75 - $291.00

ProSample SDI-12 Cable with EXO3 Connector

Cable for direct connection to EXO3 sonde

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ProSample Suspension Harness

Suspension harness for the ProSample


ProSample Y-Cable

Y-Cable for continuous connection of the ProSample battery to AC power


ProSample International Adapter Kit

International adapter kit


ProSample P and P-12 Transport Trolley

Transport trolley for the ProSample P and ProSample P-12


ProSample Suction Hose

Suction hoses for the ProSample

$150.75 - $332.75

ProSample Sinker Weight

Sinker weight for ProSample suction hoses


ProSample Lockable Latches

Lockable latches - Qty of 3


ProSample Suspension Bar

Suspension bar for ProSample harnesses


ProSample SDI-12 Connector

SDI-12 connector to the ProSample


ProSample Peristaltic Pump Tube

Replacement peristaltic pump tube for the ProSample


ProSample Distributor Tube

Replacement distributor tube for all ProSample distributor arms


ProSample Battery

Replacement battery pack for the ProSample


ProSample USB Cable

Replacement USB cable for the ProSample