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Water Autosampler

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WS Series Auto Samplers

Automatic Stormwater or Wastewater Sampler

$1,875.00 - $2,490.00

ProSample Portable Samplers

Fully Automated Programmable Sampler

$3,080.00 - $3,710.00

Stormwater Kit for WS755 and WS705

Stormwater Kit for Water Samplers


ProSample Composite Bottles

Composite bottles for ProSample

$91.00 - $152.00

ProSample Discrete Bottle Sets

Bottle sets for discrete sampling

$220.00 - $1,790.00

ProSample Flow Signal Cable

Flow signal cable with open cable end for wiring


ProSample SDI-12 Cable with Flying Leads

10 meter SDI-12 cable


ProSample Battery Chargers

Three battery chargers available for the ProSample

$212.00 - $232.00

ProSample SDI-12 Cable with EXO3 Connector

Cable for direct connection to EXO3 sonde

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ProSample Suspension Harness

Suspension harness for the ProSample


ProSample Y-Cable

Y-Cable for continuous connection of the ProSample battery to AC power