Biofuels & Renewable Energy

Innovative Enzyme Biosensor Technology

Accurate results with minimal preparation

YSI Analyzers are used in biofuels, biotech and bioprocessing applications around the world and are often referred to as the "work horses" of the lab. Lab managers like that YSI analyzers are reliable, provide fast, accurate results, and require minimal operator training. YSI analyzers measure important nutrients like glucose, glutamine, and methanol; and can monitor the level of potentially harmful byproducts like lactate and ammonium. Biopharma uses YSI rapid electrode-based measurements to both monitor and control processes. YSI analyzers measure xylose and glucose to monitor fermentation progress in cellulosic ethanol research and measure residual ethanol during distillation in production facilities.



The YSI enzyme electrode technology provides accurate one-minute results with minimal sample preparation. In biofuel production plants and in biofuel research labs the YSI 2900 Series Analyzers have proved to complement HPLC analysis. The YSI has proven to be a very useful and cost-effective tool in monitoring applications from residual ethanol in beer bottoms to monitoring xylose and glucose in saccharification and fermentation studies. Users cite ease of use and simplicity of maintenance, along with accurate results, as key advantages of the YSI technology to help maintain ethanol production efficiency in plants; and to more quickly evaluate parameter changes in cellulosic bioethanol research studies.


YSI Bioprocessing Analysis

Bioprocessing requires tight control of key nutrients and byproducts to optimize growth of cells in culture and maximize the yield of products. YSI analyzers and monitors provide fast, accurate measurements of single or multiple parameters in benchtop or on-line applications. YSI 2900 Series Analyzers are a popular industry choice for measuring analytes such as glucose, glutamine, glutamate, lactate and many more. The YSI 2900 incorporates two enzyme electrode biosensors. The YSI 2950 utilizes the same proven technology as the YSI 2900, and offers up to six electrodes for measurement of analytes plus ammonium.