Mining and Petroleum

Mining and Petroleum Solutions

From mining to wastewater streams and environmental impacts, we have solutions that support your analyses from beginning to end. We understand that detecting and measuring sulfur, chlorinated and fluorinated contaminants in liquid and gas phases is critical for efficient operation and product quality control. That’s why we’ve been working with industry experts since the beginning to provide practical laboratory solutions for mining and petroleum analysis.

Sulfur Analysis

Sulfur analysis can be challenging due to the compound’s reactivity during sampling and analysis; fortunately, our Pulsed Flame Photometric Detector (PFPD) provides fast, reliable methods for analyzing sulfur compounds at the lowest detection levels. Our titrators can also analyze Mercaptan Sulfur in Gasoline according to ASTM D3227.

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Cyanide Analysis

Cyanide compounds are used in various industrial applications, making cyanide analysis extremely important for human health and environmental safety. Regulatory bodies have issued an extensive list of cyanide methods, and our FS3700 measures cyanide with ease in accordance with USEPA OIA 1677 09, ASTM D7511, and ASTM D6888 09

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Organic Fluorides

Elevated levels of residual fluorinated compounds can cause corrosion, catalyst poisoning, and quality control issues with the final product. Fortunately, our GC Detectors, like the ELCD, have superior selectivity for simple and complex matrices, making your petrochemical analysis more efficient and accurate.

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Volatile Organic Compunds

Our 4760 purge and trap concentrator are compatible with most GC Systems for VOC analyses in various matrices, including drinking water, groundwater, wastewater, soils, and petrochemicals. Fully automate your VOC testing by pairing the sample concentrator with our 4100 autosampler or the 4551A.

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Water Quality Sampling

The EXO multiparameter water quality sonde, or ProDSS, can be deployed to easily and efficiently collect data on any combination of parameters, either down well, in a flow cell, or surface water, including nearby streams, rivers, or lakes. Sensors can be installed down well to take spot sample measurements or used continuously for long-term unattended monitoring with options for telemetry-enabled data transmission.

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Water Quality Monitoring

Our systems can provide early warning for the accidental release of pollutants or reassurance that water quality has not been affected. To monitor and analyze ground, surface, or flow back water during the hydraulic fracturing process, common parameters that can be addressed with YSI instrumentation include Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Temperature, Salinity, TDS, pH, ORP, Nitrate, Chloride, and Turbidity.

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