9800 Photometer

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Portable, multiparameter photometer for water quality testing in the field and laboratory.

As the latest addition to YSI's best-in-class platform of portable instrumentation, the YSI 9800 provides direct measurements for over 30 water quality tests in any application. Utilizing accurate and proven photometric test methodologies with an ergonomically improved, modern, sleek user interface, the YSI 9800 makes water quality testing convenient, quick, and easy for all customers.

The YSI 9800 directly replaces the YSI 9300 and YSI 9500 photometers. The YSI 9300 and YSI 9500 have been discontinued.

Note: Reagents are sold separately.

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    YPT980 9800 Photometer Kit $1,650.00
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    YPM186 Copper Reagent Starter Kit $79.50
    YPM011 Chlorine DPD-Free Reagent Starter Kit $15.50
    YPM290 Silica HR Reagent Starter Kit $91.75
    YPM152 Ammonia Reagent Starter Kit $69.25
    YPM177 Phosphate LR Reagent Starter Kit $43.50
    YPM266 Sulfite Reagent Starter Kit $51.50
    YPM109 Nitrite-N Reagent Starter Kit $33.00
    YPM154 Sulfate Reagent Starter Kit $28.00
    YPM163 Nitrate Reagent Starter Kit $78.50
    YPM254 Hardness Reagent Starter Kit $56.75
    YPM281 Chromium, Hexavalent Reagent Starter Kit $75.25
    YPM181 Silica Reagent Starter Kit $72.25
    YPM179 Fluoride Reagent Starter Kit $67.00
    YAT1707 YAT1707 $42.25
    YPM162 Chlorine HR Reagent Starter Kit $44.50
    YPM188 Alkalinity, Total Reagent Starter Kit $48.50
    YPM052 Chlorine Dioxide (DPD Glycine Method) Reagent Starter Kit $135.00
    YPM056 Ozone Reagent Starter Kit $78.50
    YPM193 Magnesium Reagent Starter Kit $56.75
    YPM292 Iron MR Reagent Starter Kit $74.25
    YPM155 Iron LR Reagent Starter Kit $38.25
    YPM114 Phosphate HR Reagent Starter Kit $57.75
    YPM252 Calcium Hardness Reagent Starter Kit $48.50
    YPM173 Manganese Reagent Starter Kit $57.75
    YPM031 Chlorine DPD-Free, Combined and Total Reagent Starter Kit $32.00
    YPM168 Sulfide Reagent Starter Kit $58.75
    YPM148 Zinc Reagent Starter Kit $74.25
    YPM260 Nitrite-NaNO2 Reagent Starter Kit $53.75
    YPM189 Potassium Reagent Starter Kit $57.75
    YPM284 Nickel Reagent Starter Kit $116.50
    YPM130 pH (Phenol Red) Reagent Starter Kit $24.75
    YPM268 Chloride Reagent Starter Kit $58.75
    YPM166 Aluminum Reagent Starter Kit $51.50
    YPM269 Turbidity (Includes Color) Reagent Starter Kit $103.00
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    YAP021 Chlorine DPD-Free, Monochloramine & Dichloramine Replacement Reagent $49.50
    YAP148 Zinc Replacement Reagent $193.75
    YAP041 Chlorine DPD4 Replacement Reagent $49.00
    YAP152 Ammonia Replacement Reagent $113.50
    YAP155 Iron LR Replacement Reagent $156.75
    YAP268 Chloride Replacement Reagent $144.25
    YAP168 Sulfide, 200 tests per pack Replacement Reagent $179.25
    YAP188 Alkalinity, Total Replacement Reagent $103.00
    YAP060 Bromine Replacement Reagent $39.25
    YAP260 Nitrite-NaNO2 (Nitraphot) Replacement Reagent $118.50
    YAP130 pH (Phenol Red) Replacement Reagent $41.25
    YAP179 Fluoride Replacement Reagent (200 tests per pack) $148.50
    YAP251 Alkalinity-Phenolphthalein Replacement Reagent $113.50
    YAP031 Chlorine DPD-Free, Combined and Total Replacement Reagent $74.25
    YAP114 Phosphate HR Replacement Reagent $130.00
    YAP177 Phosphate LR, 200 tests per pack Replacement Reagent $141.25
    YAP193 Magnesium Replacement Reagent $102.00
    YAP252 Calcium Hardness Replacement Reagent $118.50
    YAP166 Aluminum Replacement Reagent $134.00
    YAP156 Iron HR Replacement Reagent $75.25
    YAP186 Copper Replacement Reagent $206.00
    YAP163 Nitrate, 200 test per pack (Nitratest) Replacement Reagent $201.00
    YAP292 Iron MR Replacement Reagent $169.00
    YAP284 Nickel Replacement Reagent $283.25
    YAP187 Copper (Free) Replacement Reagent $154.50
    YAP266 Sulfite Replacement Reagent $115.50
    YAP087 Cyanuric Acid Replacement Reagent $85.50
    YAP154 Sulfate Replacement Reagent $57.75
    YAP254 Hardness Replacement Reagent $135.00
    YAP181 Silica, 200 tests per pack Replacement Reagent $168.00
    YAP011 Chlorine DPD-Free Replacement Reagent $43.50
    YAP173 Manganese Replacement Reagent $135.00
    YAP189 Potassium Replacement Reagent $127.75
    YAP109 Nitrite-N (Nitracol) Replacement Reagent $80.50
    YAP056 Ozone Replacement Reagent $69.25
    YAP250 Alkalinity-Methol Orange Replacement Reagent $113.50
    YAP052 Chlorine Dioxide (DPD Glycine Method) Replacement Reagent $336.00
    YAP281 Chromium, Hexavalent Replacement Reagent $183.50
    YAP290 Silica HR Replacement Reagent $209.00
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    YPT603 GFB filters $42.50
    YPT512 Dilution Tube $15.00
    YPT606 Filter Holder Luer $26.75
    YPT370 20 ml Syringe Luer $15.00
    YPT361 Syringe, 1ml $7.00
    YPT600 Filtration Set Luer/GFB $70.25
    YPT502 Crush/Stir Rod $17.00
    YPT671 Plastic Tweezers $13.00
    YPT663 Test Tube Brush $9.50
    YPT500 DE-ION Pack $23.50
    YPT526 Nitrate Tube $20.50
    YPT287 9800 Carrying Case $120.00
    YPT986 USB Cable, Type A to C $24.00
    YPT805 9800 Photometer Check Standards $110.00
    YPT988 Round Test Tubes with Caps, 5 ea. (9800 only) $50.00
    YPT983 Polishing Cloth $18.00
    YPT989 Reagent Box $18.00
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