Water Quality Monitoring and Sampling

Surface Water Quality

Water quality is frequently measured in lakes, rivers, wetlands, and estuaries. Whether accomplished via continuous long-term water quality monitoring or through sampling one spot at a time with a handheld water quality meter, the importance of understanding critical water quality data is paramount to both measurement techniques. Our multiparameter instrumentation allows for concurrent measurement of key parameters imperative to understanding, protecting, and improving aquatic habitats such as dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, salinity, temperature, total algae and more. Baseline sampling and monitoring of water quality provides a record of changes in quality over time, and our continuous monitors capture a high temporal resolution data to detect events like algae blooms, fish kills, sediment plumes, and floods. This baseline water quality data can help quantify change associated with best management practices as well as inform decisions.

Dynamic Data


Because surface water interacts with the atmosphere, groundwater, estuaries, and wetlands water quality tend to be dynamic over the course of days and months. Diurnal cycles and seasonality affect the water cycle and YSI's instruments can help reliably collect these changes. By focusing on multiparameter water quality data most instruments can measure 2-10 readings simultaneously. This maximizes your time in the field and empowers you to better understand the relationships between different sensor readings.

Sample or Monitor

Surface Water | Surface Water Monitoring | Surface Water Testing

YSI's analytical instrumentation is focused on reliable field readings. A variety of handheld instruments will withstand the rigors of harsh conditions and weather extremes. The sampling instruments are intended to quickly sample parameters like Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Temperature, pH, and Salinity. Data is shown on a daylight viewable display and can be logged into internal memory along with GPS location. The EXO water quality sondes can be used to sample or can be left in the field to collect data for months, where the data can be recovered from the internal memory or transmitted through telemetry back to a website or office.

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