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Our laboratory experts are available to help with everything from instrument selection to application support for various applications

YSI, OI Analytical, and the rest of our Xylem Lab Solutions brands are excited to offer free virtual consultations for your next facility project or upgrade. Our dedicated team of application engineers and experts identify the best technology for your needs.

How's it work? It's simple!

Please book an appointment with our team using the form on this page. The information that you provide will be used to match you with our top experts in your geographic region. We'll then follow up to schedule a time to discuss your work via phone, video, or email. Your choice! Talk to one of the experts to see if the products you're considering are right for you or if the project you're starting has what you need.

Our Sensing Capabilities Include:
  • Sulfur Detection
  • Cyanide Analyses
  • TOC, TIC. And NPOC
  • Segmented flow analysis
  • Flow injection analysis
  • Pesticide analysis
  • Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • And much more!
Our Primary Expertise Includes:
  • Nutrient pollution
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Source water monitoring
  • Lab instrumentation
  • Data visualization
  • Industrial processes

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First-Class Support

With decades of experience planning, executing, and delivering large-scale laboratory projects, our team of dedicated water experts can find solutions for your most challenging compliance requirements.

Solutions for Every Application

We have a long history of helping laboratories meet their goals – from varying levels of sensitivity and detection with our GC detectors to manufacturing the golden standard for wet chemistry analysis -- and our team of experts is prepared for your most challenging applications.

Approved Solutions

Our portfolio of instrumentation, installation options, and expertise offers solutions for your unique needs. We've covered you, from EPA-approved nitrate and nitrite monitoring to Total Cyanide Determination according to ASTM D7511 and much more!

Take a look at our full suite of products – test a variety of parameters with the FS3700 for process and environmental monitoring, GC Detectors for selective measurement,  titrators for complete precisionbenchtop lab instrumentation, and analyzers for total organic carbon, glucose, lactate, sucrose and more!

Free On-Demand Webinars

Get easy access to on-demand educational resources and enhance your understanding of essential topics. Laboratory experts explore optimizing the Kjeldahl Method for food and soil samples and prepping your environmental laboratory for HAB season.

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