The EXO Platform

The right tool for the job.

Like you, our engineers and scientists have spent years in the field, developing and using the products we design.

That passion for producing the most advanced and reliable equipment has culminated in the EXO Platform, a smart and field-ready water monitoring system.  Offering a wade range of capabilities to those dedicated to measuring natural aquatic environments such as oceans, estuaries, rivers, lakes and ground water.

Read on to learn how the EXO platform can help you capture the highest quality data.
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Feature Packed


With the EXO platform, you'll find features only available with YSI:

  • Welded Titanium Parts
  • Assisted Calibration
  • Biofouling Protections
  • On-board Quality Control

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Unprecedented Support


Join our on-demand training program for Water Quality Sondes - EXO University!

  • Learn from the Experts
  • Detailed Product Review
  • Real-world Applications

Smart Sensor Suite


A dynamic range of sensors for multiparameter applications, including:

  • Optical Dissolved Oxygen
  • Cyanobacteria
  • pH + Redox
  • Depth, and many more!

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Cost-Saving Accessories


All manner of accessories to save you time, money and improve your life in the field.  From antifouling components, to consumable sensor tips - we've got the right combination for your application.

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Plans to Protect your Investment


Affordable Service Plans only available for purchase with new EXO Sondes. Optimize the performance and lifetime of your equipment by adding a Factory Service Plan.

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