Kor Software

Data Management and Instrument Setup

Kor Software is an easy-to-use platform full of features for managing YSI instrumentation and water quality data. View live or recorded data, calibrate sensors, setup long-term deployments, and ensure equipment is operating at peak performance.

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Single Software Platform

All of your water quality monitoring instruments from YSI now run on the same Kor Software whether you’re using an EXO Sonde , ProSwap Logger , or ProDIGITAL handheld meters (ProDSS, ProSwap, ProSolo).

USB connection (or Bluetooth with select devices) makes it easy to communicate between your PC and your instrument for quick setup and data management.

What's New

Review the Kor Software change log to see the latest improvements to the software. 

Kor Software Change Notes

Kor Software Features

Intuitive Interface

The top navigation bar and ribbon menus make it easy to access the many feature of Kor Software.

A status bar in the footer displays important information about the connected equipment from properties and battery percentage to quality control. SmartQC indicators provide peace of mind before heading out into the field.

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User Calibration

Calibrate your sensors when needed. Kor Software guides you through the calibration process with stability indicators and helpful tips to keep measurements reliable and accurate.

A calibration report is automatically generated for future reference and record keeping.

Reminders can also be set for predefined intervals.

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Deployment Settings

Prepare your EXO Sonde or ProSwap Logger for unattended logging during long-term deployments. Set the logging interval, parameter information, data averaging, and more.

You can also create templates to be applied to multiple instruments to streamline your workflow.

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Live and Recorded Data

View live data from your connected instrument or logged data files that have been downloaded into Kor Software. Data can be viewed in table or graph modes for quick analysis. Customize the graph view by selecting which parameters you need to see and change display colors for easy tracking.

Data can also be printed or exported as a CSV for further analysis in spreadsheets.

Kor Mobile

Whether you're using the new Kor Mobile App or the traditional Desktop Software, Kor helps you collect better data on all of your monitoring projects.


Learn more about Kor Software - including full feature descriptions, calibration walkthroughs, and more - in the following Manuals.

Additional Support

Still have questions about how to use Kor Software? Contact YSI Technical Support by emailing info@ysi.com