Software Downloads

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Data Manager Software - v1.1.8
12 Sep 2011

Software for Professional Series Instruments.

Data Manager Software Update [PDF]

Windows 10 Users: Data Manager Walkthrough [PDF]

Windows 7 Users: Instructions for Porting Data from Windows XP Virtual [PDF]

Download DataManager [158 MB]

Ecowatch Lite - v1.0.5.15
18 Aug 2015

Software for 6-Series Sondes.  

Download EcoWatch Lite  [2.3 MB]

IQ SensorNet Software Pack - v16
Apr 2012

Updates PC Terminal program including Config/Save Load and Datalog Transfer. For 2020 Systems.  

Download IQSN Software [1 MB]

IQ SensorNet Software Pack Connect - v1.00
Nov 2012

Updates PC Connect program including Config/Save Load and Datalog Transfer. For 2020 Systems with MC2 Controllers.

Download IQSN Connect [1 MB]

IQ SensorNet Software "Update Pack (L1)" - v1.70
Mar 2017

Updates IQ SensorNet modules, probes, terminals and controllers.

IQSN Update Instructions [PDF]

Download IQSN Update Pack (L1) [44.7 MB]

KOR Software for EXO Systems - v1.0.12
Sep 2015

KOR Software is on a USB flash drive that ships with the EXO systems. Updates to KOR are downloaded from, along with sensor and handheld firmware updates. Updates to KOR for the EXO handheld are accessible through the KOR desktop software menus.

Complete Installation Instructions [PDF]

The KOR software update (Sep 2015) provides EXO users new features and additional improvements to the desktop and handheld versions.  

Download KOR-EXO Software from

KorDSS Software - v1.4.0.24
Includes ProDSS instrument firmware v1.0.35
5 Oct 2016

Desktop software and instrument firmware for the ProDSS.

Note: Previous versions of KorDSS must be uninstalled before installing v1.4.0.24. Please see the Update Notice below for more information.

It is strongly recommended to update KorDSS to, as it features support for all released probe/cable assemblies. This version of KorDSS must be used when updating ProDSS instrument firmware to v1.0.35.

Update Notice & Instructions [PDF]

Download KorDSS [241 MB]

MultiLab Importer Software - v1.16
11 Dec 2014

Choose your operating system to download. An add-in in Microsoft Excel will be added for transferring files from the TruLab or MultiLab to a PC.

Importer Instructions [PDF]

MultiLab Importer Software - 32Bit [508 KB]

MultiLab Importer Software - 64Bit [585 KB]

ProPlus Software Updater - v4.00
12 Jun 2012

Minimum PC system requirements are:

  • Windows® 2000 with SP4 (minimum) or XP with SP2 (minimum) Operating System
  • USB 2.0
  • Microsoft .NET™ (installed with Data Manager)
  • YSI USB drivers for the Professional Series Communications Saddle (installed with Data Manager)

Complete the following steps to update a Pro Plus handheld to software version 4.00:

  1. If not already installed, install the USB drivers for the Pro Comm II communications saddle and Data Manager on your PC via the CD that was included with your instrument.  After installation, connect the communication saddle to the Pro Plus and then connect the saddle to the PC’s USB port with the USB cable provided.  Windows may require you to step through two ‘New Hardware Found’ wizards in order to complete the USB driver installation.  Once complete, remove the instrument from the saddle and disconnect the saddle from the PC.
  2. Select one of the seven different ProPlus v4.00 zip files available below that include your desired language sets. It is only necessary to download the one file you need.
  3. To continue updating your ProPlus Instrument, download the full instruction sheet:

    ProPlus Software Update Instructions [PDF]

ProPlus Updater - English, French, German [1 MB]

ProPlus Updater - English, Italian [1 MB]

ProPlus Updater - English, Japanese, Chinese [1 MB]

ProPlus Updater - English, Norwegian [1 MB]

ProPlus Updater - English, Polish, Turkish [1 MB]

ProPlus Updater - English, Spanish, French [1 MB]

ProPlus Updater - English, Spanish, Portuguese [1 MB]

Software Archive

Older operating systems or discontinued products

ADVantage 6600 - v1.10
17 Nov 2003

Data Processing Software for use with ADV6600 (discontinued).

Download ADVantage 6600 [5 MB]

BOD Analyst Update - v1.0.8
29 Jun 2009

Updates BOD Analyst Software to Version 1.0.8.
BOD Analyst Pro is now available!

Download BOD Analyst Update [1 MB]

Data Scout - v2.0.1
5 Aug 2010

Desktop Software for use with the Level Scout. (discontinued)

Download Data Scout [54 MB]

Data Scout Advanced - v2.0.2
15 Jul 2010

Software for the Level Scout. (discontinued)

Download Data Scout Advanced [5 MB]

Data Scout Mobile - v2.0.1
5 Aug 2010

A Pocket PC version of Data Scout for use with the Level Scout. (discontinued)

Download Data Scout Mobile [52 MB]

EcoWatch - v3.18
14 Apr 2006

Important Instructions for Windows 7 64-bit users [PDF]

Download EcoWatch 3.18 [5 MB]



3200 Firmware - v2.3
27 Jul 1999

Firmware for the 3200 Laboratory Conductivity Instrument.

Download 3200 Firmware [305 KB]

5000 and 5100 Firmware Update - v2.0
24 Sept 1998

Firmware update for 5000 and 5100 Lab Dissolved Oxygen meters.

Download 5000 / 5100 Firmware [299 KB]

Amazon Bubbler Firmware Update - v1.0.168
20 Feb 2017

Firmware update for the Amazon Bubbler.

Download Amazon Bubbler Firmware [11.9 MB]

EXO Handheld (599960) ​Update - v1.0.18
28 Oct 2016

Firmware update for EXO Handheld (599960). Includes additional features, functionality, and bug fixes. Major changes include the integration of multi-probe calibration and improvements to data backup.

Full Release Notes / Change Log [PDF]

Complete Installation Instructions [PDF]

Download EXO Handheld Firmware [1.4 MB]

KOR-EXO Firmware Update Package - vN
30 Sep 2015

If you've experienced problems with automatically downloading the latest firmware versions for your EXO equipment using KOR Software, you can attempt a manual update using this firmware package.

Complete Installation Instructions [PDF]

Download KOR-EXO Firmware [7.6 MB]

MultiLab 4010-1 Firmware Update - v1.14
26 Sep 2016

Firmware update for the 4010-1 single channel MultiLab instrument. After downloading, see instrument manual for update instructions.

Download MultiLab 4010-1 Firmware [1.4 MB]

MultiLab 4010-2-3 Firmware Update - v1.13
6 Dec 2016

Firmware update for the 4010-2 and 4010-3 MultiLab instruments. After downloading, see instrument manual for update instructions.

Download MultiLab 4010-2 & -3 Firmware [2.0 MB]

ProODO Code Updater - v3.3
12 Dec 2012

Firmware updater for Professional Series ProODO Instrument.
Update Instructions [PDF]

Download ProODO Firmware [910 KB]

ProODO Probe Code Updater - v2.0
12 Dec 2012

Firmware Updater for ProODO Probe.
Update Instructions [PDF]

Download ProODO Probe Firmware [528 KB]

Storm3 Firmware Update Package - v1.4.8
10 May 2016

Firmware for the Storm3.

Download Storm3 Firmware [14.6 MB]

TruLab 1310 and 1320 Firmware - v1.0​7
13 Dec 2016

Firmware update for the 1310 and 1320 TruLab instruments. After downloading, see instrument manual for update instructions.

Note: This firmware update file includes both the TruLab 1310 (v1.06) and the TruLab 1320 (v1.06).

Download TruLab 1310 & 1320 Firmware [1.5 MB]

YSI Code Updater - v2.0.170
9 Feb 2012

YSI Code Updater applies firmware updates to multiple instruments including:

Instrument Version
6-Series Sondes     3.10
650 1.20
6500 1.09
556 1.13
9600 2.05
6150 1.02

Note: If you are currently running or have sondes that in the past have run any firmware version  from 2.20 through 3.05, please follow this new operational procedure:

  1. Using Ecowatch, upload all files on the sonde to your computer.
  2. Upgrade the sonde to the current version.
  3. Using Ecowatch, delete all files on the sonde.

Download YSI Code Updater [3.73 MB]

Firmware Archive

Older operating systems or discontinued products

610D & 610DM Firmware - v2.5
11 Jul 1999

Firmware for the 610D and 610DM handhelds (discontinued).

Download 610D & 610DM Firmware [159 KB]

6000 Firmware - v3.18
28 Sept 1998

Firmware for the 6000 (discontinued).

Download 6000 Firmware [420 KB]

5200 Firmware Code Updater - v4.00.00

For the 5200 Continuous System Monitor.

Download 5200 Updater [5.13 MB]

Caution: If you are using the AUX inputs on your current setup of the 5200, you will need to send the instrument to YSI for an upgrade. The firmware that is downloaded will not allow the AUX ports to be as accurate as your current setup so YSI will perform a calibration. Please contact Technical Support,, for a Service Request number to get your 5200 upgraded and calibrated.

ADV6600 Firmware - v2.3
17 Nov 2003

Firmware for ADV6600 Sonde (discontinued)

Download ADV6600 Firmware [220 KB]

Level Scout Firmware - v2.3
29 Jun 2009

Firmware for the Level Scout

Download Level Scout Firmware [45 KB]


Drivers & GSD

EXO USB Adapter Drivers - v6.5
Jun 2012

Before using the USB Signal Adapter accessory, install KOR software. KOR software contains the required drivers for the USB adapter.

Download EXO USB Adapter Drivers [3.4 MB]

USB Drivers for EXO Signal Output Adapters - v1.0
Nov 2015

Download drivers for the EXO Modbus SOA (#599825) and EXO DCP SOA (#599820).

  • This update allows pass-through communication from a PC, through the SOA, to an EXO sonde.
  • It also allows firmware updates to #599825 and #599820.

Note: Starting in March 2016, this driver will be automatically installed with KOR software.  Until then, this update can be used for compatibility.

Download USB Drivers for EXO SOA [5 KB]

IQ SensorNet EtherNet/IPTM EDS File - v1.2
Nov 2013

Ethernet/IP™ EDS file for use with MIQ/MC2, MIQ/MC2-PR, and MIQ/MC2-MOD modules.

Download IQSN EtherNet/IPTM EDS [2.34 KB]

IQ SensorNet Profibus GSD - v1.24
Nov 2013

Profibus GSD file for use with modules:

  • MIQ/MC2-PR, software version >=3.50
  • MIQ/2-PR, software version >=3.50
  • DIQ/S182-PR, software version >=3.50
  • DIQ/S182 XT-4-PR, software version >=3.50

Download IQSN Profibus GSD 1.24 [1.67 KB]

IQ SensorNet Profinet GSDML - v2.1
Apr 2016

Profinet GSDML file for use with PLC to detect:

  • IQSensorNet System 282/284
  • MIQ/MC3

Download IQSN Profinet GSDML 2.1 [2 KB]

IQ SensorNet Profibus GSD - v1.22
Nov 2013

Profibus GSD file for use with modules:

  • MIQ/MC2-PR, software version <3.50
  • MIQ/2-PR, software version <3.50
  • MIQ/MC-(A)-PR
  • MIQ/(-A)-PR
  • DIQ/S182-PR, software version <3.50
  • DIQ/S182 XT-4-PR, software version <3.50

Download IQSN Profibus GSD 1.22 [1 KB]

MultiLab USB VCP Driver
15 Aug 2013

Current USB drivers to install on your PC for communication with MultiLab instruments. 

Download MultiLab USB VCP Driver [3.49 MB]