Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers ADCPs and Current Meters

At the core, our rich history is our people — energetic about creating innovative new products and supporting our customers in equal measure. Our culture is collaborative and diverse, and we are passionate about making a measurable impact in all we do. SonTek will continue to do the right thing for our customers, people, and communities — delivering sound principles and good advice.

Sometimes you need more than a single instrument to get the job done. Maybe you need water quality data to supplement your flow results. And, perhaps you need a sturdy data logger to pull it all together. No matter your monitoring needs - from shallow streams to the deepest blue ocean - SonTek, along with other products within the YSI and Xylem family, has a suitable suite of solutions to fit even the most challenging of situations.

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Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling System

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SonTek FlowTracker2 Handheld-ADV

Wading Discharge Measurement Instrument

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SonTek CastAway-CTD

Handheld Deployable CTD


SonTek-SL Series

Water Velocity and Level Monitor

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River Discharge Measurement System

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SonTek-IQ Series

Flow Monitor

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Argonaut-ADV Zinc Anode with Hardware

Zinc Anode with Hardware


Argonaut-XR Tool Kit

Tool Kit

$100.00 - $250.00

Argonaut-XR Power and Communications Cable

Power and Communications Cable

$1,140.00 - $3,680.00

Argonaut-ADV Splitter Cable

Splitter Cable


CastAway Plastic Shipping Case

Carrying Case


CastAway Bluetooth Adapter, USB

Bluetooth Adapter, USB


CastAway Maintenance Pack

Maintenance Pack


CastAway Jacket Kit

Jacket Kit


CastAway Stylus Kit

Stylus Kit


Argonaut-XR Connector



Argonaut-XR Locking Sleeve

Locking Sleeve


Argonaut-XR Splitter Cable

Splitter Cable


Argonaut-ADV Battery Pack

Battery Pack


SonTek Power Supply

Power supply, 15VDC, 40W


SonTek-M9 USB Radio

USB Radio


SonTek-M9 Adapter



SonTek-M9 Mounting Bracket

Mounting Bracket


Argonaut-ADV Power and Communications Cable

Power and Communications Cable

$830.00 - $1,135.00