Medical Research

Innovative Enzyme Biosensor Technology
Accurate results with minimal sample preparation

Recognized Standards

YSI's glucose and lactate analyzers have been recognized standards for the diagnostic measurement of blood glucose and/or lactate for more than 25 years. YSI invented and marketed the first commercially successful immobilized enzyme electrode for whole blood glucose in 1975. Originally marketed to the hospital labs, YSI Analyzers now find wide use in diabetes research, exercise physiology, and a variety of related applications. The combination of accuracy, precision and speed for a whole blood glucose measurement remains unmatched in the analytical device market. Today, more than 80% of the glucometer manufacturers use YSI Analyzers as their blood glucose reference method. YSI Analyzers are ideal not only for diabetes research studies in human and animal models but also for cells in culture.


YSI Life Sciences products are used by scientists, technicians, students, trainers and clinicians around the globe in university and teaching labs, research institutions, hospital labs, government labs, and biopharmaceutical labs. YSI enzyme electrode analyzers like the YSI 2900 Series and their predecessors have measured glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate, ethanol, and hydrogen peroxide just to name a few. 

Rapid, Accurate Results

Small sample size and rapid, accurate results with minimal sample preparation are the trade mark features for these electrode-based analyzers. Among the most commonly used applications are in physiology, molecular biology, cell culture and fermentation in biotechnology, and blood analysis in clinical and sports medicine.