Water Level Monitoring

Level of water is measured by a vented strain gauge. A differential strain gauge transducer measures pressure with one side of the transducer exposed to the water and the other side vented to the atmosphere. The transducer measures only the pressure exerted by the water column, and does not factor in atmospheric pressure.

We take pride in providing a broad range of innovative equipment capable of reliable measurements in extremely harsh conditions.

Monitoring water level is a vital part in maintaining water rights, preserving natural habitats, and protecting communities. We understand the challenges of working in natural environments. With this data, we can obtain a greater understanding of environmental changes, provide early warning and take action when quick decision making is needed.

We invite you to browse our level gauging and data acquisition instruments and learn more about our innovative WaterLOG product line.

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Leaders in Level

In 1990, the first H-300 submersible sensor, was manufactured. Over the years, WaterLOG specialists have developed, and continue to develop, successful instrumentation for long-term water level monitoring applications. Our instrumentation applications range from flood warnings, surface water, storm water, ground water, irrigation and many others.

Water Level Sensors and Sea Level

Due to urban development constructed prior to storm water monitoring regulations, the Clam Bayou habitat is now facing environmental repercussions effecting water level and quality. Learn how YSI sensors aid in sea level rise research at clam bayou estuary. Read more…

Non-Contact Water Level Sensor

YSI recently introduced the Nile Radar, a non-contact water level sensor, ideal for measuring distance to water through a ‘downward-looking’ measuring system. The Nile measuring system operation is based on a time-of-flight method (ToF), in which radar impulses are emitted by an antenna, reflected off the surface water, and received again by the radar system.

The measurement range of the sensor is the maximum distance that can be measured between the radar system to the water surface. The Nile is available in three ranges; the Nile 502 has a range of 20 meters, the Nile 504 of 40 meters, and the Nile 517 of 70 meters. Learn more about the Nile

Featured Level Products

Submersible Pressure Transducer

WaterLOG Submersible Pressure Transducer

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Nile Radar Sensor

WaterLOG Nile Radar Sensor

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Shaft Encoder

WaterLOG Shaft Encoder with LCD Display, SDI-12 and 4-20MA Outputs

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Amazon Bubbler

Self-contained Continuous Flow Bubbler with Fully Integrated Pressure Sensor

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WL16 Water Level Logger

Submersible Pressure Transducer and USB Datalogger Combination

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