ProSample Portable Samplers

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YSI’s ProSample portable samplers feature a proprietary peristaltic pump for highly accurate sampling in applications such as surface water, stormwater, and wastewater.

  • Overview

    With multiple samplers to choose from and the ability to sample based on time, analog signal, digital pulse, and/or measurements from an SDI-12 device (ProSample P-12 and ProSample PM-12 models only), the ProSample can be the final piece of your monitoring installation. Composite sampling can be completed with all models, while discrete sampling can be completed with the ProSample P and ProSample P-12.

    Available ProSample models include:

    • ProSample P: full-size portable sampler
    • ProSample P-12: full-size portable sampler with SDI-12 connectivity
    • ProSample PM: mini portable sampler
    • ProSample PM-12: mini portable sampler with SDI-12 connectivity

    Included with each ProSample:

    • 5 meter suction hose with screw connection and sinker weight
    • 10L PE container (only the ProSample PM and the ProSample PM-12)
    • Battery
    • USB cable
    • Two peristaltic pump tubes
    • Printed copy of the ProSample Getting Started Guide

    Please see the ProSample Ordering Guide or contact us if you’re interested in a ProSample system.

    • Flexible options, including:
      • Analog 0/4-20 mV
      • Digital
      • SDI-12 (ProSample P-12 and ProSample PM-12 only)
    Volume accuracy
    • Proprietary peristaltic pump
    • High sample volume accuracy
    Compact design
    • Easy to transport
    • ProSample PM and ProSample PM-12 are ideal for tight installations
    • Double-walled and insulated for longer ice retention
    Low maintenance
    • Easy pump tube replacement
    • Spring-loaded roller bearings for long tube life
    Easy to learn, easy to use
    • Simple programming and calibration
    • Stores 12 user-defined programs
    • Many different sampling scenarios are possible

  • Specifications

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