Autosamplers for COVID-19 Outbreak Detection

ProSample instruments are an excellent solution for community COVID-19 detection.
ProSample instruments are an excellent solution for community COVID-19 detection.
ProSample instruments are an excellent solution for community COVID-19 detection.

Safe, simple water sampling with autosamplers.

The YSI ProSample is a portable autosampler featuring a proprietary peristaltic pump for highly accurate and automated collection of water samples. Health authorities can install ProSample along any part of a wastewater network to collect consistent, representative water samples directly from the sewer during peak usage hours as a part of a wastewater-based epidemiology program.

Laboratory analysis of these samples for COVID RNA can then determine if there’s an outbreak present within a community - or even a specific residential building.

Don't get your hands dirty. Let autosamplers do the work.

Rapidly deploy portable autosamplers for targeted COVID-19 outbreak monitoring - at a wastewater treatment facility or at specific residential buildings.

Automatically collect samples at peak water usage times to ensure the most accurate and representative results for your community.

Protect your team from direct exposure to hazardous wastewater sampling conditions by letting autosamplers safely collect water samples.

Remove bias from your monitoring program by establishing consistent, automated sampling processes and procedures with autosamplers.

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COVID-19 Spotlight: Tracking Community Outbreak with Autosamplers

Researchers have found that wastewater sampling can detect coronavirus. By collecting water samples, concerned groups such as university researchers or state and federal governments can model the coronavirus's spread in near real-time, which will allow for ample reaction time to quell any further spread.

Discover how this process works and how autosamplers play a critical role in these surveillance programs.

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Interested in the Product Specifications for our Autosamplers?

If you’re ready to dig into the details, check out our specifications sheet for the YSI ProSample and WS Series Samplers. Inside you’ll learn more about the product dimensions, weight, operating temperature, and much more.

Also, learn more about the sample volume accuracy, range, and other helpful information.

Download ProSample Specifications

Download WS Series Specifications

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Singapore Uses ProSample for Pilot Wastewater Surveillance Program (WSP)

Given the high degree of asymptomatic spread of coronavirus, testing individuals with symptoms isn’t enough to stem the spread, nor is it physically viable or cost-effective to test entire communities on an ongoing basis.

Learn how Singapore and other counties are establishing Wastewater Surveillance Programs (WSPs) to monitor the spread of COVID-19 in a population and trigger necessary response plans.

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On-Demand Training is Now Available for ProSample

Adding the YSI ProSample to your Wastewater Surveillance Program (WSP) is simple, and with on-demand product training available, you can get up and running quickly.

Watch this educational video series and become a ProSample expert in less than 10 minutes - with tips on instrument installation and calibration!

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