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Xylem’s YSI Systems and Services, specializing in product integration, have utilized advanced bathymetric survey platforms and customized them with numerous add-ons, such as side scan sonar, doppler velocity logs and YSI water quality sondes to provide the ultimate portable monitoring vehicles for research scientists. Get more high-quality data for water quality, water velocity, water flow, bathymetry, and photogrammetry with our available survey services. With sonar and bathymetric surveying, over-laid with georeferencing, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs) can provide detailed imagery of ocean, coast, lake and river bottoms.

bathymetric survey imagery side scan sonar

Side Scan Sonar

bathymetric survey mapping water quality monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring

bathymetric survey mapping imagery waypoints

Vector Mapping & Custom Waypoints

Real-Time Mapping and Sensing

bathymetric surveying remote surface water vehicle

rQPOD Remote Surface Water Vehicle

Cost-Effective, Flexible, and Innovative Surveying Tool

The rQPOD is a compact and light weight remote controlled or autonomous vehicle that can easily be deployed in remote locations with just one operator. This compact motor propulsion system can be incorporated into our unique family of Torrent Boards. The rQPOD is perfect for smaller lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and hard-to-access areas where a larger vehicle can’t access.

bathymetric survey autonomous surface water vehicle

HYCAT Autonomous Surface Vehicle

Autonomous Surface Vehicle

The HYCAT is a unique Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) that allows for the collection of water quality, current profiling, bathymetry, discharge, and side scan data, all simultaneously and in real time. The HYCAT is perfect for use in near coastal environments. The catamaran design allows it to cut smoothly through the water, providing the most stable data possible. It fits into most trucks and SUVs for easy transport and deployment. The HYCAT-PRO model offers multibeam sonar capability.

bathymetric survey autonomous underwater vehicle auv

i3XO EcoMapper AUV

AUV Designed for Water Quality, Water Currents, and Bathymetry Mapping Applications

The i3XO EcoMapper is YSI’s most sophisticated vehicle, and our only autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), that can reach depths of up to 100 meters with various sensor payloads. With an EXO1 integrated into the nose of the EcoMapper, it can collect water quality data at depth using any of the available EXO sensors from YSI. It breaks down for easy shipping and carrying, and allows you to generate high-resolution, geo-referenced, three-dimensional maps of water quality, currents, and sonar images.

water discharge measurement system adcp

SonTek M9

Advanced River Discharge and Bathymetry Measurement Instrument

The SonTek M9 is the ultimate solution for collecting both discharge data and conducting bathymetric surveys. The industry-validated and reliable M9 is an all-in-one ADCP, seamlessly combining the durability of the award-winning RiverSurveyor-M9 with the adaptable bathymetric capabilities of the HydroSurveyor-M9, offering unparalleled data collection flexibility.

data collection points castaway ctd

SonTek CastAway-CTD

Instrument That Provides Instantaneous Profiles of Temperature, Salinity, and Sound Speed

The CastAway-CTD is a lightweight, easy-to-use instrument designed for quick and accurate conductivity, temperature, and depth profiles. Each cast is automatically referenced with both time and location using its built-in GPS receiver. The CastAway software displays profiles of the casts in addition to mapping the locations of the data collection points. Data integrate directly with RiverSurveyor Live and HYPACK software, and can also be exported to MATLAB for applying sound speed corrections.

Who says you can't have the best of both worlds? Now, both the CastAway-CTD and SonTek SonTek-M9 systems are integrated with HYPACK hydrographic surveying software. What does this mean for you?

Simple and Fast. Water sound speed corrections are interpolated in both space and time with the fully integrated CastAway-CTD and HYPACK, delivering agility and accuracy to your surveys. Bluetooth communication integrated - no cables required!

Versatility. Survey under and around bridges with two available position references – GPS and bottom track (speed over ground) with SonTek-M9.

Flexibility. Complete, compact package for measuring bathymetry and correcting sound speed from a vessel of any size.

Features include:

  • Sound speed integration and interpolation (with CastAway-CTD)
  • Speed over ground (acoustic bottom tracking)
  • 5-beam depth soundings (50° swath) with SonTek-M9 and HYPACK® Max
  • Water column velocity mapping
  • Automatic data gridding and interpolation
  • 360° compass and two-axis tilt sensor
  • Interface for customer-supplied GPS and/or heading sensor

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