Environmental Water Monitoring Systems and Services, Data Buoys, Autonomous Water Vehicles and Data Collection Platforms

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An Integrated System from YSI can be built for almost any water monitoring application. Reveal water quality in the entire water column with a vertical profiler, configure your own unique data buoy or TurnKey system for real-time data collection on land or water, or use an unmanned autonomous vehicle for spatial mapping of bathymetry, water quality and water flow in one mission.

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Autonomous Water Monitoring Vehicles

Multiple Sensors, One Solution

The rQPOD Remote Surface Water Vehicle (ASV), the HYCAT Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) and the i3XO EcoMapper Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) allow you to integrate sensors for water quality, discharge, bathymetry, currents, and more into a light, portable system that can be deployed with on or two people.

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HYCAT Details i3XO EcoMapper Details

Autonomous Surface Water Vehicle

Data Buoy Water Quality

Data Buoys for All Environments

Whether you just want a water quality sonde on the retention pond, or a sonde plus sensors for currents, waves, and AIS tracking in a major port, YSI can integrate a data buoy for you.

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vertical profiler

YSI's Flagship System

YSI's patented profiler technology can lower a water quality sonde anywhere in the water column and deliver the data via cellular or satellite transmission. A fixed, buoy or pontoon system can be configured for any application where depth profiles of your water quality data matter: drinking water intake selection, harmful algal bloom monitoring, discharge permitting, and more.

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water profiler

TurnKey Water Monitoring Station

Works Everywhere (So You Don't Have To)

Our most popular solutions for stormwater, flood and drought monitoring, YSI's TurnKey systems can integrate water quality, level, flow, velocity and met sensors along with power and telemetry options for remote data collection that you can see in real time from anywhere in the world.

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Water Monitoring Station

Who Uses YSI Systems?

Buoy High Flow Environment

Pisces on the Pa Sak: a Buoy for High-Flow Environments

Vertical Profiling System Source Water

Vertical Profiling Systems for Source Waters Around the World

Floodgate Monitoring System

TurnKeys for Terrebone: Customized Systems for Floodgate Monitoring

Water Monitoring Autonomous Vehicles

Robots on the River: Algae Monitoring with AVs

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Featured Systems

  • i3XO Ecomapper AUV

    i3XO EcoMapper AUV

    The next generation of autonomous water quality vehicles. The i3XO generates high-resolution maps of water quality, water currents, bathymetry, and sonar imagery.

  • Buoy Vertical Profiling System

    Buoy Vertical Profiling System

    Measure water quality throughout the entire water column by sampling at different depths in rivers, lakes, estuaries, bays, and drinking water reservoirs.

  • EMM68 Environmental Monitoring Buoy

    EMM68 Buoy

    Collect data in waters previously out of reach. The EMM68 is compact, allowing it to be deployed with only two people.

  • TurnKey System

    Turn Key Data Collection Platform

    Keep your data flowing right to your fingertips, in applications like harmful algal blooms, drinking water monitoring, and stormwater monitoring.

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