Ocean & Coastal

Monitoring in Harsh Environments

Precision Instruments for Tough Environmental Conditions

Ocean and coastal water quality monitoring applications require instrumentation that will survive in harsh environments. YSI's analytical monitoring sensors are designed to meet stringent data accuracy requirements and have been proven during long term deployments. Features like wet mate connectors and titanium sensor housing result in higher data quality by eliminating many of the failure modes common in these challenging conditions.

Integrated Systems

Vertical Profiling System
A fully integrated observation system.

In addition to water quality sensors, our integrated systems business produces monitoring platforms suitable for deploying a turn-key coastal monitoring solution, complete with a data to the web interface. Systems range from a small single person deployable buoy to a large platform which is suitable for water depths up to ~250 meters and up to 12 separate instruments.

Coastal Monitoring Solutions

Coastal Monitoring
Total solutions for long term monitoring.

Our coastal monitoring solutions are designed to be modular platforms that can be tailored with specific sensors for the application. We are able to deliver a complete solution combining metrological instruments with wave and current meters resulting in a total environmental monitoring solution for salt water applications.