Satellite platform for generating, visualizing, and analyzing water quality data

Remote Satellite Water Quality Monitoring

Unlock the full potential of water quality management with eoapp AQUA. Satellite-based sensors provide increased spatiotemporal data for monitoring surface water temperature, turbidity, harmful algal bloom (HAB) indicators, and more parameters. Combine these data with YSI's field instruments for a comprehensive solution for generating, visualizing, and analyzing water quality.

Proprietary physics-based algorithms are used to transform historical and near-real-time data into actionable insights for a targeted body of water, optimizing decision-making and resource allocation.

satellite water monitoring data map cahora bassa lakesatellite water monitoring map data

An example of turbidity data in the Cahora Bassa Lake in Mozambique.
You may click on the handle above and drag it from side to side to reveal the eoapp AQUA overlay on the map.

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Your Eyes in the Sky

Monitor data derived from satellite-based sensors for parameters such as turbidity, sediment concentration, chlorophyll a, surface water temperature, and the potential of Harmful Algal Blooms from any web connected-device.

satellite spatial data mapping for water monitoring

Turn Back the Clock

eoapp AQUA provides access to historical data as far back as the early 1980’s, which can be used to compare with and validate existing data, as well as fill in data gaps.

Monitor data from satellite based sensors

Stay Informed

Create custom alarms to keep you informed of changes to the parameters and areas that matter to you. Receive early warning email notifications based on site-specific thresholds.

Custom alarms to keep you informed of parameter changes

Optimize Your Workflow

Satellite data can help determine the most effective location for real-time sensors. Combining spatial data and discrete points provides additional insight into your data and understanding of your waterways.

water monitoring historical data satellite map


eoapp AQUA delivers valuable data that can expand the capabilities of your monitoring program, encompassing both historical datasets and real-time data across extensive spatial areas. By integrating satellite imagery with on-the-ground data, eoapp AQUA enables you to make data-driven decisions while using leading-edge environmental monitoring technology.

freshwater monitoring

Freshwater Monitoring

Continuously monitor various water quality parameters such as turbidity, colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM), clarity / Secchi depth, sum of organic and inorganic absorption, water surface temperature, and cyanobacterial abundance as an indication of the likelihood of Harmful Algal Blooms.

flood monitoring extreme events

Extreme Events Monitoring

Stay informed on the health of critical water systems. Detect Harmful Algal Blooms and extreme weather events such as droughts or flooding. Set thresholds to receive email alerts for early warning and to mitigate risks.

water extent quantity and storage capacity

Water Extent: Drought, Flood and Storage

Monitor the storage capacity of a reservoir or other body of water with daily water level readings. Historical data can help predict change and be used as a comparison for early warning signs.

coastal zone management

Coastal Zone Management

Map changes in the coastal zone resulting from erosion, construction, and development by comparing current and historic map layers. Monitor and predict events related to climate change to mitigate risks to the public and the environment, with observations of changes in shorelines, coastal and benthic habitats, water clarity, and algae.

water monitoring dredging operations

Dredging Operations

Monitor daily changes of turbidity and suspended matter, before, during, and after dredging operations. Stay informed and ensure that operations are running correctly to meet regulatory requirements.

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  • CDOM
  • Chlorophyll
  • HAB indicator
  • Sea Surface Temperature
  • Secchi Disc Depth
  • Sum of Inorganic Absorbers
  • Sum of Organic Absorbers
  • Total Absorption
  • Total Suspended Matter
  • Trophic State Index
  • True Color Image
  • Turbidity
  • Water Body Extent

temporal and spatial resolution satellite water monitoring

Temporal and Spatial Resolution

Coarse and Daily Since 1999
  • satellite water monitoring
  • Modis Aqua/Terra,
    VIIRS, Sentinel-3
  • temporal spatial resolution
  • 300 m

Ideal for monitoring coastal areas and large lakes.

Fine and Weekly Since 1984
  • satellite water monitoring
  • Landsat Fleet (5-9),
  • temporal spatial resolution
  • 10-30 m

Ideal for monitoring smaller bodies of water on a regular basis.

Fine and Daily Since 2019
  • satellite water monitoring
  • Planet SuperDoves
  • temporal spatial resolution
  • 3 m

Ideal for monitoring small lakes, rivers, and extreme events such as flooding.

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