DB600 Data Buoy

Environmental Monitoring Data Buoy DB600

DB600 Data Buoy for environmental monitoring. Easy to deploy and fully integrated.

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The DB600 is an integrated, easy-to-assemble, plug-n-play buoy for remote monitoring and can support a range of sensors.  The All-in-One (Ai1) package includes everything required to transmit sensor data directly to your computer or device, with industrial field reliability. Pair it with a YSI EXO sonde, an Aanderaa DCS, and HydroSphere for a world-class monitoring system!**

  • Overview

    Deploying a high-quality data buoy has never been easier, or more affordable.

    The DB600 arrives fully integrated and can be deployed by a single person. With it's unique Ai1 telemetry system, high-efficiency solar-based power system, and field-ruggedized buoy, the data buoy, DB600, can be used in any critical application where an ongoing stream of data is paramount. Pair it with YSI's EXO sondes, Aanderaa's single-point current sensor, and HydroSphere data visualizaton for a world-class monitoring station.

    The DB600 Package includes:

    • DB600 buoy
    • Stainless steel sensor deployment tube
    • Ai1 logging and communication system
    • Solar power system
    • Sensor cable
    • Navigation beacon

    The DB600 was designed to support all models of YSI EXO sondes as well as the Aanderaa DCS.

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  • Specifications

    DB600 Specifications

    Diameter 600 mm
    Material Polyethylene float. SS Sonde Tube

    21 kg (including sonde tube)


    200 mm at maximum weight

    Ai1 Standard Config Specifications

    Connection Plug-n-play, depending on sensor selections at time of purchase
    Inputs Analog and Digital
    Communications 4G or Iridium
    Power 18 W solar, 7Ah battery (supports a range of sensor configurations)
    Waterproof IP67
  • Video

    Environmental Monitoring Data Buoy DB600

    DB600 Data Buoy for environmental monitoring. Easy to deploy and fully integrated.

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