DB1750 Buoy

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Exceptional Station-Keeping Buoy

  • Overview

    Deployed in over 40 countries, the DB1750 buoy brings together the benefits of the latest in materials, manufacturing processes and technology. Owners will have lower long-term maintenance expense with this rugged yet lightweight buoy, due to its exceptional station-keep and long life.

    A few benefits of the DB1750 include:

    • Long-term strength and security - The float section is internally cross-braced with stainless steel rods that are connected to stainless steel bushings in mooring and lifting eyes.
    • UV-stabilised polyethylene - The rotationally-moulded seamless hull is 9.5 mm thick, able to withstand knocks and/or collisions.
    • Stability - A carefully calculated ballast of reinforced concrete holds station where you place it.

    Additional Benefits:

    Rugged design - A float section, battery section, and navaid section form an abrasion-resistant, shock absorbing buoy that can survive knocks form debris and even boat collisions. The float section has a moulded in slip resistant surface, providing an added safety precaution for on station maintenance.

    Safety - The float section has a moulded-in, slip-resistant surface that makes it safer to do maintenance on station.

    Color-code your station - Bifurcation buoys of red or green; Cardinal buoys of yellow and black; Fairway or Safe Water buoys of red and white. All are possible with this customizable buoy.

    Flexible Power– Configured for 12V or 24V nominal, the power system for the lantern and optional equipment is housed in the battery section, which also forms part of the tower for the lantern.

    Navaid Section – Has provision for four 10 peak watt solar modules or up to three 20 peak and one ten peak watt solar modules. This section also includes an internal high gain passive reflector (10m²) and lantern guard (if needed). Access to battery section and all equipment is through a hinged, tamper resistant, watertight service hatch.

    See our complete family of environmental monitoring buoys and autonomous monitoring vehicles or learn more about our systems capabilities.

  • Specifications
    Air Weight

    1000 lb (454 kg) (including two 38 mm (1-½ in) shackles)

    Construction Rotationally moulded in medium density UVstabilised virgin polyethylene, 9.5 mm thick
    Diameter 5 ft 9 in (1750 mm)
    Draft 2 ft 6 in (751 mm)
    Foam Filling

    16 kg/m³ expanded polystyrene foam

    Focal Plane Height 7 ft 6 in (2290 mm)
    Freeboard 1 ft (305 mm)
    Optional Extended Focal Plane 9 ft 6 in (2900 mm)
    Radar Range, nominal 3 to 4 NM
    Radar Reflector

    10 m² (X-band)


    138 lb/in (24.7 kg/cm)

    Visual Area

    with daymark panels (can shape) - 17.2 ft² (1.6 m²)

    with daymark panels (nun shape) - 16.1 ft² (1.5 m²)

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