EMM2.0 Coastal Buoy

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Monitoring Buoy Designed for Coastal and Blue Water Applications

  • Overview

    The YSI EMM2.0 is one of the most versatile and reliable buoy solutions on the market. These buoys have been deployed with wet-chemistry nutrient and metal analyzers, current meters, water quality monitors, GPS, atmospheric sensors, wave sensors, hydrocarbon sensors, and more. 

    The stable platform can be easily customized to maximize instrumentation on a single monitoring platform. Adding satellite, radio, or cellular telemetry provides data to a custom visual display, making it easy for researchers and operators alike to receive critical data on a daily basis.

    Features Include:

    • YSI manufactures buoy, instruments, and loggers for a complete, integrated solution
    • Customizable with third-party sensors
    • Uniform color doesn't require regular maintenance
    • Through-hull penetration for monitoring equipment makes routine servicing simple, fast, and secure
    • Standard configurations available with short lead time
    • Virtually indestructible buoy hull survives impact, ice, and punctures

    Options & Accessories:

    • Meteorological Package - Additional parameters to complement your monitoring program
    • Wireless Data Transmission - Several options to wirelessly transmit data are available, ask us which suits your application best
    • Satellite Communications - Either Iridium or GOES telemetry can be fitted on this system
    • Current Profiling - Can be combined with a Current Profiler, either bottom mounted or downward looking

    Custom Systems Available: 

    ISS_Support_Icon.png This product is a complete solution from our Integrated Systems & Services group.  Let our application engineers help you with the heavy lifting on your next project.  Contact YSI's Integrated Systems & Services team to discuss your specific monitoring application.  We offer a variety of buoy platforms which can be tailored to fit your needs.

  • Specifications
    Diameter 2 meters
    Material Metal - 6061 aluminum; deck structure and base is galvanized steel; isolation bushings between dissimilar metals
    Net Buoyancy 2800 lbs
    Power Solar Power - 3 x 24W angled at 27°; Battery - 12V 70A-hr

    Hull - 4 PCF Softlite® ionomer foam Body; Weight - 365 lbs. gross hull; Displacement - 3800 lbs.

    Weight - 1700 lbs.

    Dimensions - Hull 1.8m diameter, Height 3.28m

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