Total Organic Carbon Analyzers

Total organic carbon (TOC) measurement is a well-established technique that provides valuable information about water quality for process control, method validation, and regulatory compliance. Around the world, people have relied on our instrumentation for fast, accurate, and reliable results for over 45 years. Our Total Organic Carbon (TOC) portfolio includes the 1080 Combustion TOC Analyzer, the 1030W Wet Oxidation TOC Analyzer, and the 1030D Dual Mode Analyzer – as well as optional kits and accessories like the 1030S Solids Module and the TNb kit for simultaneous total bound nitrogen determination.


1080 Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer

TOC Combustion Analyzer

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9220 Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

Online TOC Analyzer

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Aurora 1030W TOC Analyzer

TOC Analyzer

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9210p Online TOC Analyzer

Online TOC Analyzer


1088 Rotary TOC Autosampler

Autosampler for TOC Analyzers

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Aurora 1030D TOC Analyzer

TOC Analyzer

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1030S Solids Analysis Module

Solids Combustion Module

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ATOC Software

Automated Data Management Software

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105mL Duckbill Fitting Pair

Duckbill Fitting


1030 TIC/TOC Reactor



1030 8 Port Replacement Valve

Replacement Valve


1030 TIC/TOC Reaction Chamber

Reaction Chamber


1030 Tall Heater Glass

Heater Glass


TOC Drierite Scrubber



TFE In-Line Filter