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Use fully-automated ATOC Software to easily translate and manage data collected from the Aurora 1030 TOC Models.  

  • Overview

    OI Analytical’s ATOC Software simplifies TOC analysis through automating data collection, analysis, reporting, and storage in a LAN/LIMS environment.

    This Windows®-based software package consists of four modules: TOC Launchpad, TOC Data Gathering Service (DGS), Security and Auditing Manager, and TOC Reporter.

    • TOC Launchpad serves as a control panel providing access to key configuration parameters for database access, data storage, and software functions.
    • TOC DGS provides a secure link between any number of Aurora 1030 TOC Analyzers and the relational database where operational and customer data is stored for export and reporting.
    • Security and Auditing Manager allows a laboratory administrator to define access levels and functional privileges, as well as set up and maintain user IDs and passwords for TOC instrument operators and supervisors. This module provides customized auditing capability and review of archived audit trail data for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
    • TOC Reporter can be used to review results, generate customized reports, and export data to LIMS. TOC Reporter supports sample and customer ID tracking for trending analysis. Calibration peaks can be selected and applied during data evaluation to fit specific reporting requirements. A unique feature allows management to limit access for report approval.


    AToc Capabilites

    • Network connection for data storage and remote control of multiple TOC Analyzers
    • 21 CFR Part 11 data handling, security, auditing, and reporting with multilevel user-access controls
    • Customer and sample ID tracking for trending and reporting
    • Customized report generation with management review and approval capability


    Principal Applications

    • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance for data handling, security, and auditing
    • Fully automated data transfer and management
    • LAN/LIMS operation
    • Remote analyzer operation without access to an instrument touchscreen

  • Specifications

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