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Mission: Water is a complimentary magazine featuring the world's most current water issues and how people, like you, are tackling these ever-important challenges.  Our mission is to share inspirational stories of determination, curiosity and discovery – and how great advancements are being made to better understand and protect our vital water resources.

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Life After Horizon

On Tuesday, April 20, 2010 the largest oil spill in world history occurred when a sudden explosion and subsequent fire occurred on the Deepwater Horizon Platform, located 50 miles southeast of Venice, Louisiana. Inside, we feature the efforts of organizations and environmental professionals managing the long-term remediation of the Gulf Coast.


Corvette Catastrophe

Most people don’t think much about karst landscapes, though 25% of the world’s population lives on top of them. The unique and fragile nature of karst geography generally comes to light when new sinkholes form in populated areas, opening the earth in scenes straight out of a Hollywood movie. Find out how Dr. Jason Polk is studying car-swallowing sinkholes in the American Midwest.


Ecologists without Borders

The Himalayan glaciers, which stretch east from northern Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India, through Nepal and Bhutan, and into the neighboring Tibetan Plateau and China, are the source of fresh water for nearly four billion people in Asia. Learn how grassroots organizations in these communities are uniting to protect “The Third Pole.”


Coastal Terraforming in Qatar

With an ever-expanding world population, civilization has been pushing the envelope to develop locations for domestication and commerce on lands previously considered undevelopable. One of the newest and most ambitious locations being developed is in Qatar, on the Arabian Gulf. Discover more about the sustainable development of Lusail City.


Drilling into the Abyss

In order to study iceberg calving and ice-ocean interaction, scientists from around the world have taken several missions to Antarctica to explore what’s happening hundreds of meters below the surface. Follow researcher Svein Østerhus at Uni Research Climate as he and his team deploy instrumentation to monitor the ice shelf.



Steering Silver Springs' Recovery

Since the 1870s, the crystal clear waters of Silver Springs have provided millions of visitors a glimpse into primeval Florida, a world of buried caverns, bubbling springs and cruising alligators. But the once-pristine springs are threatened by Florida’s growing population. See how hydrographers from SJRWMD are working to restore the area.

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