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Whether you're planning your water monitoring program, or need help with your existing one, YSI can assist with everything from design to data delivery. We'll focus on the equipment so you can focus on water quality, stormwater management, harmful algal blooms, or any other monitoring need your YSI system was designed for.

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Jump-Start Your Program.

Connecting an instrument is the easy setup may require installation of power, setting up a cellular account, even divers, boat captains or other contractors. We have the experience and connections to get the job done right.

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water monitoring station maintenance services
It's Like Cruise Control for Your Monitoring Station.

Proper maintenance of a water monitoring site is the surest way to get high quality data. If your stations are too remote or your people are too busy, YSI can keep the data flowing.

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Water Monitoring Autonomous Vehicles

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You're Data-Driven. Let YSI Drive.

The HYCAT Autonomous Surface Vehicle and the i3XO EcoMapper Autonomous Underwater Vehicle are the most efficient and cost-effective means of getting integrated and GPS-tagged data for water quality, bathymetry, currents and more.

water monitoring serviceswater monitoring services

water flow monitoring services
Put Us In Charge of Discharge.

An area of core expertise, we start with SonTek's IQ and Flow Tracker, and assist with flow measurement in outdoor environments and even pipes.

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Meet the YSI Crew

YSI's team has decades of combined experience and a dedication to customer service. We like to introduce our team because we are so proud of them, but there isn't enough room on one page! So a few times a year we'll swap in new profiles-check back in to meet the YSI crew, and let us know if there is someone you would like to acknowledge!

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Heather Edmonds
Sales Representative & Systems Specialist - Central United States

Heather spent the last 5 years working for a consulting company that has a focus on industrial wastewater treatment support. Projects ranged from standard bathymetry surveys to determine retention time to unique projects based around the information client's needed to run systems effectively. As the newest addition to the ISS team this experience transitions well since the common goal is to support clients and provide solutions to their needs.

water monitoring engineer

Kevin Labbe
Sr. Applications Engineer - Southern United States & Global

Kevin has been with YSI/Xylem for 17 years, all on the U.S. sales team as an application engineer. He helps with product demonstrations, training and data collection as a service for SonTek, YSI, and ISS product lines. Kevin previously worked for the USGS for fifteen years collecting water level, water quality and flow data in south Louisiana.

water monitoring engineer

Shawn Sneddon
Sr. Systems Engineer and Autonomous Vehicle Specialist- Northeast United States

Shawn has over 12 years of experience in the Oceanographic and Water Quality field designing, integrating, and deploying a vast array of real-time monitoring systems with a heavy focus on custom system integration. After taking over the autonomous vehicle fleet in 2015, Shawn is now one of the lead engineers for all things autonomous: Performing hydrographic surveys, trainings, customer/sales support, and demos for customer applications.

water monitoring engineer

Adam Willingham
Sales Representative, Systems Specialist for Western USA and all of Canada

Adam has over 20+ years in environmental monitoring systems ranging from coastal/open ocean buoy deployments, serving as vessel operator/captain during benthic surveys, monitoring water quality and fabrication of systems in aquarium settings for Monterey Bay Aquarium, to diving to install systems to monitor tidal/current flows in the Los Angeles/Long Beach ports.

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Integrated Water Monitoring Systems Services

Get Services for these Systems:

  • i3XO Ecomapper AUV

    i3XO EcoMapper AUV

    The next generation of autonomous water quality vehicles. The i3XO generates high-resolution maps of water quality, water currents, bathymetry, and sonar imagery.

  • Buoy Vertical Profiling System

    Buoy Vertical Profiling System

    Measure water quality throughout the entire water column by sampling at different depths in rivers, lakes, estuaries, bays, and drinking water reservoirs.

  • EMM68 Environmental Monitoring Buoy

    EMM68 Buoy

    Collect data in waters previously out of reach. The EMM68 is compact, allowing it to be deployed with only two people.

  • TurnKey System

    Turn Key Data Collection Platform

    Keep your data flowing right to your fingertips, in applications like harmful algal blooms, drinking water monitoring, and stormwater monitoring.

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