On-Site Field Maintenance

On-Site Field Maintenance
On-Site Field Maintenance
On-Site Field Maintenance

From start to finish, YSI's Service Group is there for you

In addition to selling standard Systems products, YSI is able to complement hardware supply with installation, design, maintenance and customization services. Projects from one site to 300 have been completely managed by the Services group.

  • On-Site Maintenance and management
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance
  • Annual Checkout
  • Factory exchange contracts
  • Data verification
  • Sensor recertification
  • Repair Service

On-Site Contract Services

Complete station maintenance (calibration, site upkeep, communication verifications, system upgrades and data review) and management, this maintenance contract is directed at customers who own a network of monitoring stations and desire a turn-key supplier.

Preventative Maintenance

Can include scheduled inspections, calibrations, system verification/analysis, personnel training on system and data review service. Directed at customers with field staff that can be utilized to maintain their own networks, simple low upkeep networks where scheduled visits suffice or for Customers with limited budgets.

Factory Exchange

This contract is directed at customers who want to amortize equipment obsolescence and failure into their annual budget.

Data verification

Verification of validity of data based on sensor diagnostics, statistical confirmation and experienced staff member review.

Repair Service

YSI has Factory Repair Service Centers located throughout the USA.  Custom Support & Maintenance Plans to meet specific needs are available.

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Project Highlight: SFWMD Stations

Client: South Florida Water Management District
Location: South Florida Region, USA
Years of Work: 2002 - Present

Network for the purpose of management and protection of water resources for a 16-County area (with 6 million residents) by balancing and improving water quality and providing flow control to 1,800 miles of canals and levees with 25 major pumping stations and over 2,000 water control structures. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems monitor and control the network of more than 700 operational sites with the support of real-time radio telemetry.


Contracted by the State Government over the last 10 years to construct and install over 200 stations in and around the Everglades, YSI continues to provide daily data collection, site and instrument maintenance and calibrations for 238 Campbell Scientific sites; as well as emergency repair services, on-going system upgrades and new installs.

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