Product Service

Authorized Service Center Locations

YSI has several Authorized service centers located globally to provide timely repair and updates to your YSI instruments. For the service center nearest you, select from one of the following locations. If no authorized center is near your location, contact your regional YSI office, YSI dealer, or YSI Brand Headquarters to arrange for service.  

Repair Status Checker

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New Factory Service Plans

Affordable Service Plans are available for purchase with new EXO Sondes and ProDSS Meters! Plans cover preventative maintenance and standard replacement parts. Optimize the performance and lifetime of your new instruments by adding a Factory Service Plan.

View EXO Factory Service Plans

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Returning a Product for Service

When returning a product for service to any of the US YSI Offices, please complete the Product Return Form and send with your shipment. 

Product Return Form with Instructions

Shipping Lithium Ion Batteries

Please do not ship damaged or potentially defective batteries to YSI or any of our authorized service centers unless instructed otherwise. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact YSI Technical Support.  Read the Shipping Lithium Ion Batteries Product Notice for additional information. 

Shipping Lithium Ion Batteries Product Notice

United States Service Centers


TTT Environmental Instruments and Supplies
Handheld Sampling & Laboratory Meters
Anchorage, Alaska USA
+1 907-770-9041
+1 907-770-9046 Fax


EQUIPCO Sales and Service
Handheld Sampling, Laboratory Meters, 6-Series Sondes​
Concord, California USA
+1 888-234-5678
+1 925-609-1080 Fax


Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc.
Handheld Sampling, Laboratory Meters, 6-Series Sondes​
Denver, Colorado USA
+1 303-320-4764
+1 303-322-7242 Fax


Aquatic Equipment & Design, Inc.
Handheld Sampling & Aquatic Equipment
Mount Dora, Florida USA
+1 (407) 995-6490
+1 (407) 641-9172 Fax


Certified Balance & Scale
Handheld Sampling & Laboratory Meters
Sycamore, Illinois
+1 815-895-5158
+1 815-895-8034 Fax

USA Bluebook
Handheld Sampling & Laboratory Meters
Waukegan, Illinois USA
+1 800-548-1234
+1 847-689-3030 Fax


Handheld Sampling & Laboratory Meters
Leland, Mississippi USA
+1 800-748-8921
+1 662-378-2862 Fax


YSI Incorporated, 
Brand Headquarters

All YSI Product Lines & Conductivity Cells
Yellow Springs, Ohio USA
+1 937-767-7241
+1 800-765-4974 (US)
+1 937-767-9353 Fax

Fondriest Environmental
Handheld Sampling, Laboratory Meters, 6-Series Sondes​
Fairborn, Ohio USA
+1 937-426-2151
+1 937-426-1125 Fax


Q. C. Services
Handheld Sampling & Laboratory Meters
Portland, Oregon USA
+1 503-236-2712


North Central Labs
Handheld Sampling & Laboratory Meters
Birnamwood, Wisconsin USA
+1 800-648-7836
+1 715-449-2454 Fax

International Service Centers

Africa, Europe, Middle East

Xylem Analytics UK​
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom​
+44 1462-673581

YSI Nanotech​
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates​
+971 4 806 1183


YSI (Beijing) Limited
Beijing, China
+86-010-5975 5687

YSI (Hong Kong) Limited
Kowloon, Hong Kong S.A.R.
+852 2891-8154
+852 2834-0034 Fax

Xylem Analytics Japan
Kawasaki City, Japan
+81 44-222-0009
+81 44-222-1102 Fax


Xylem Analytics Australia
Hemmant, QLD Australia​
+61 7 3908 4000

North America

Hoskin Scientific Ltd.
Handheld Sampling, Laboratory Meters,
EXO & 6-Series Sondes

Burlington, Ontario, Canada
+1 905 333-5510
+1 905 333-4976 Fax

Burnaby, British Colombia, Canada
+1 604 872-7894
+1 604 872-0281 Fax

Equipesca de Obregón, S.A. de C.V.
Handheld Sampling & Laboratory Meters
Cd. Obregón, Sonora, Mexico
+52 (01) 644 410 7500 ext 104, 130

South America

Clean Environment Brasil
6-Series Sondes
Campinas, SP Brasil​
+55 19 3794-2900
+55 19 3794-2919 Fax

Handheld Sampling & Laboratory Meters
Diadema, SP​ Brasil
+55 (11) 40532060

Handheld Sampling, Laboratory Meters, 6-Series Sondes
Santiago, Chile
+56-2-209-8853 Fax

Handheld Sampling & Laboratory Meters
Guayaquil, Ecuador
+593 4-3905-000
+593 4-3904-019 Fax

Life Science Service Centers

Life Science Product Line currently includes: 2300, 2900, 2900M and 2950. 

For service outside the United States, contact the YSI distributor from whom the product was purchased or a YSI International Service Center. In the United States, during the product's warranty period, contact YSI Life Sciences Technical Support for service. If the warranty has expired, you may return your product to YSI for service by following the product return instructions above.

YSI Incorporated

Repair Center
1725 Brannum Lane
Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387
937 688-4255
Fax 937 767-9353

Xylem Analytics UK

Longfield Road
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
TN2 3EY United Kingdom
+44 (0)1892 500 400