General & Environmental Laboratory

Reliable Results

All sampling applications require the collection of high-quality data, but the demand for accurate data is perhaps greatest in the laboratory setting. Confidence in laboratory results is paramount, as this data is used for EPA reporting of parameters such as biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) of wastewater. Lab-obtained data is also commonly used in wastewater process control and verification in addition to drinking water analysis, publication, clinical research, and many other applications.

Proper Instrument Selection


Challenges such as proper sampling procedures, lab practices, and experimental design are all critically important in obtaining reliable laboratory data. However, the instrumentation used for data collection must not be overlooked. At YSI, we have the water quality laboratory instrumentation needed for accurate measurement of parameters such as pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature, ammonium, ammonia, nitrate, chloride, fluoride, and many other ionic species. Our bio-analytical instrumentation can measure analytes such as glucose, xylose, glutamine, lactate, and methanol.

Data Visualization


It is our goal to supply customers with laboratory equipment that will provide complete confidence in the results obtained. We offer a variety of instruments for the measurement of a multitude of parameters and our wide selection of sensors ensures that even the most challenging aqueous sample can be analyzed.