Irrigation, Canals, and Turnouts

The demand for monitoring flow in open channels has evolved. Climate change and water scarcity issues have increased the demand to quantify increasingly smaller flows. In the past, the irrigation community has applied a variety of technologies that might have been "close enough". But today, smart water management authorities know that collecting precise data means saving time, money, and our world's most precious resource - water.

The award-winning SonTek-IQ is an intelligent acoustic Doppler instrument specifically designed for measuring flow in open channels. The innovative five-beam design incorporates a vertical beam and four-velocity profiling beams, which work in tandem providing data that important water management decisions are based upon.

In the example above, the SonTek-IQ is partnered with the WaterLog Storm 3 data logger. This easy-to-use and mid-range data logger allows you to view password-protected and public data anywhere internet access if available using WaterLog's hosted data solution Storm Central. Need help in determining if the Storm 3 is right for you? This might help: Six Steps to Select the Best Data Logger for Your Application