Turn Key Data Collection Platform

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Complete versatile solution measuring water quality, meteorological data, flow and velocity, level, sampling, and light.

  • Overview

    YSI Integrated Systems & Services (YSI-ISS) can design a complete Turn Key Solution for your every need.  Offering a wide variety of data logging and telemetry options, YSI can pair the correct solution to your sensor needs, to give you a one-stop-shop solution. 

    We will work with you to tailor-build a system based on your deployment conditions and monitoring requirements. From running a detailed power budget based on your specific deployment location, to taking into account all environmental conditions. Whether your challenges are the heat, humidity, cold, snow, and even the local wild life, the YSI-ISS Team can design a system that will work, no matter what Mother Nature throws at it.

    YSI-ISS can design a system that’s simple enough to work with just one sensor or as complicated as a complete Hydro MET station measuring everything from water quality, meteorological, flow and velocity, level, sampling, and light. Our team also works with many 3rd party sensors, just ask!

    Whether you want to just power and log data from a remote sensor, or get that data on your PC back in your office, or even receive and alert on your mobile device, the team of experts at YSI Integrated Systems & Services can help you out.


    • Many different NEMA 4X or Pressure Rate Enclosures to choose from
    • Versatile mounting solutions; Pier, Piling, Tripod, Tower, Pole (whatever your location, we have a solution)
    • Wide variety of data logging solutions based on needs; logging only, point-to-point, data to the web
    • Works with all of Xylem’s sensor offerings
    • Works with many 3rd party sensor offerings
    • Expandable for future needs
    • Upgradable Solar or A/C power solutions for increase capacity based on needs

    ISS_Support_Icon.pngThis product is a complete solution from our Integrated Systems & Services group.  Let our application engineers help you with the heavy lifting on your next project.  Contact YSI's Integrated Systems & Services team to discuss your specific monitoring application.  We offer a variety of buoy platforms which can be tailored to fit your needs.

  • Specifications
    • Customizable data logger offerings; logging, point-to-point, data to the web
    • Variety of telemetry options: Line-of-Sight, Cellular, Satellite
    • Expandable Solar or A/C Power Systems
    • Sealed Lead Acid Battery Back up on every system, for Zero down time
    • Solutions for all deployment locations

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