Water Flow Monitoring Services

Flow Monitoring
Flow Monitoring

We can get you the flow data that you need to make sound decisions

The YSI Services group can send trained engineers to your location, complete a flow analysis of your river, stream, canal, culvert, or channel, and provide you with a complete flow data set. Utilizing SonTek's FlowTracker or RiverSurveyor, the Services Group can get you the flow data needed to make sound decisions.

SonTek, a Xylem brand, manufactures a variety of water velocity measurement instruments and is an industry leader in Acoustic Doppler Profilers (ADPs) and Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters (ADVs). The YSI Services Team provides complete installation, setup, and indexing of these instruments, ensuring that the manufacturer's recommendations are met. You can expect accurate flow data with accurate channel geometry inputted into the instrument, and proper velocity indexing determined. Our Services group can perform routine validation of this data and additional velocity indexing if needed on a periodic or as-needed basis.

Field Experts

The Integrated Systems and Services team of engineers, field technicians and hydrologists can provide a complete measurement system for you flow measurement needs. Each application can have specific mounting and access challenges; our service team provides complete mounting solutions. The velocity indexing field service is also strongly recommended in applications where accuracy is critical and considerable variations in velocity and water level are present.

Services Offered

We provide:

  • Professional Installation, Setup and Field Calibration of SonTek Flow Meters
  • Custom Mounting Solutions for permanently deployed SonTek Instruments
  • Professional Velocity, Flow and Geometric Surveys of Open Channels
  • Maintenance and Calibration (Velocity Indexing) Services for deployed Acoustic Doppler Profiler based Flowmeters (ADP's)

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Project Highlight: City of Kissimmee

Client: City of Kissimmee​
Location: Kissimmee, Florida, USA
Years of Work: 2005 - Present

Network of (20) river adjacent, solar-powered stations with telemetry to monitor stream water quality, flow, and pollutant loading information throughout the City’s watershed. Data analysis and reporting to Florida State Department of Environmental Protection for compliance with State regulations.


YSI designed, constructed, and integrated all stations and is under current contract to provide site maintenance, instrumentation calibrations and data collection for the entire network.

YSI additionally provided all instrumentation including multiparameter sondes, Sontek acoustic Doppler flowmeters, SDI-12 shaft encoders for redundant stage measurement, ISCO transportable refrigerated automatic water samplers and RTUs programmed to transmit data to base station with real-time graphical illustration of data on public URL.

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