Kor Mobile

Monitoring Made Mobile

Kor is a mobile application designed to interface with EXO Sondes and conveniently access water quality data. View live and recorded data, calibrate sensors, set up unattended deployments, and ensure equipment operates at peak performance. Kor Mobile is available on all Android™ phones and tablets.

Kor Mobile compatible

Introducing Kor Mobile

Kor Mobile Features

Streamlined Interface

Kor Mobile features a mobile-friendly interface with a side-panel menu system for efficient navigation.

Discrete Sampling

View and record live data directly to your mobile device. Connect via an EXO GO to use your phone just like a handheld meter for sampling and profiling!

Unattended Deployment

You can configure your EXO for unattended deployment by setting the logging interval, parameter information, data averaging, and more. You can also create templates to be applied to multiple instruments to streamline your workflow.

Data Access and Sharing

Logged data files can be imported from your EXO to your mobile device. You can view this recorded data in the field and share it with colleagues remotely over wireless networks!

Site Management

Kor Mobile is a great site management tool with the ability to add GPS coordinates and a photo for each site automatically.

User Calibration

Calibrate all of your water quality sensors with Kor Mobile. The app guides you through the calibration process with stability indicators and helpful tips to ensure the best quality data!

Kor Software

Whether you're using the new Mobile App or the traditional Desktop Software, Kor helps you collect better data on all of your monitoring projects.


Learn more about Kor Mobile including full feature descriptions, navigation walkthroughs, and more.

  • Kor Mobile User Guide [Coming Soon]

Additional Support

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