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Kor Mobile Live Data

This video covers how to view live data from an EXO Sonde using the Kor Mobile app.

Timestamps of specific moments of the video

  • 0:00 – Overview
  • 0:47 –Live Data Screen
  • 0:59 – Enable Parameters
  • 1:23 – Changing Parameter Order
  • 1:41 – Update Reading Interval 
  • 1:51 – Tagging a Site Name 
  • 2:01 – Sonde Information
  •  2:26 – Initiate Wipe Cycle
  • 2:44 – Record Continuous Data
  • 3:24 – Record Single Data Set

Video Transcript

In this video, we’ll cover how to view live data from an EXO sonde using the Kor Mobile App. You can also view live data using the EXO Handheld or Kor Software on your PC.

First, we’ll need to connect our sonde via Bluetooth. The EXO has an internal Bluetooth chip or you can use the KorLink Bluetooth adapter. We’ll connect directly to the sonde. Activate the sonde Bluetooth by tapping the magnet over the magnet icon. With the solid blue light, the sonde is in discovery mode. Launch the Kor Mobile app on your phone or tablet and it should automatically start scanning for an EXO Sonde to connect to. Once connected, you will see the Dashboard, which is the Live Data Screen.

Here you will see live measurement values from the sensors that are installed on the sonde. The viewable parameters are the ones that are currently enabled in the App settings, which can be accessed from the main menu by tapping the top left-hand icon. You can change the enabled parameters and units of measure that are displayed in the Parameter section of the App Settings. Back on the dashboard, you can scroll down to reveal additional readings.

The order in which the parameters are displayed can also be changed by tapping the top right-hand menu and selecting Edit Parameters. Drag and drop the parameters in the order that you would like to view them. Tap Save to apply your changes.

Readings are continuously updated every second. This interval may be changed by tapping the clock icon in the upper right-hand corner. You can also tag the readings with a Site name. Tap the map button in the middle to change to any sites that have been created or imported in the app.

You’ll notice the EXO Sonde connected in the upper left-hand corner. If you tap the sonde name, you’ll see some sonde-specific information including multiple status icons. These indicate the battery level, deployment status, available memory, and the system SmartQC Score. You can also disconnect or return to the Live Data screen.

There are three main buttons at the bottom of the live data screen. Starting from the left we have the wiper button. Taping this will activate the wiper to clean the sensors. This button is only enabled if there is an EXO Wiper installed on the sonde.

The middle button is for Recording continuous data. Tapping this will start a recorded data file where readings are saved at the specified interval. Here we are logging every second. Tap this button again to stop logging. These data sets can be found in the Recorded Data section of the app.

It is important to note that any data recording on the Dashboard will be saved in the app, but not in the actual sonde. Only data logged from a deployment will be saved in an EXO Sonde. If you would like to share and export data, you must do so from the mobile app in which it was recorded.

Finally, the button on the right that looks like a camera shutter is for recording a single data set. This basically takes a snapshot of all the readings that are displayed. Again, this data can be viewed in the Recorded Data section of the app.

That covers the Live Data section of the Kor Mobile app. For information on viewing recorded data and other app features, please check out our other EXO University videos. And thanks for watching!

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