EXO Sonde Overview

EXO Sonde Overview

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EXO Sonde Overview

This video covers the common features and individual options of the EXO Multiparameter Water Quality Sondes.

Timestamps of specific moments of the video

  • 0:00 – Overview
  • 1:20 – Common Features
  • 3:11 – EXO1 and EXO1S
  • 4:06 – EXO2 and EXO2S
  • 4:50 – EXO3 and EXO3S

Video Transcript

In this video, we will review the EXO Multiparameter Water Quality Sondes. The EXO Sonde Platform is designed to provide accurate and reliable data for monitoring the health of our rivers, lakes, estuaries, oceans, and groundwater. These instruments are built to perform in harsh environments so you can have confidence in your data for long-term deployments.

EXO is customizable to provide flexible solutions for your water monitoring needs. With over a dozen water quality sensors to choose from, these sondes enable a comprehensive understanding of water quality conditions and trends.

There are three sonde models to choose from:

  • EXO1
  • EXO2
  • And EXO3

Each of these models have two versions – with and without a battery compartment.

The standard line of sondes features a built-in battery compartment for replaceable alkaline batteries which allows these sondes to be deployed autonomously without the need for an external power supply.

If external power is available, you may opt for the EXO-S Series. These sondes are built without a battery compartment, reducing the size and weight.

All sonde models and versions share some common features:

First off, all EXO Sondes have universal sensor ports, meaning any EXO sensor can be used in any port for true plug-and-play functionality. Calibrations are stored in the sensors, making it easy to swap out sensors in the lab or in the field. You can save time and achieve consistent calibrations across multiple sondes by conducting batch calibrations of the same sensor type.

All EXO Sondes feature rugged neoprene wetmate connectors on every sensor and cable connection to ensure that electrical components are secure and protected during long deployments.

Additionally, the sondes are constructed with extremely durable components including a titanium bulkhead, titanium sensors, and a rugged Xenoy sonde body. These components provide peace of mind while monitoring in harsh field conditions and depths of up to 250 meters.

Additionally, our sondes are backed by an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

Communicating with EXO is easy with the onboard Bluetooth for quick connection to Kor Software or the Kor Mobile app. View live and recorded data, create and manage sites, configure and calibrate your instrument, and set up deployments conveniently with your phone, tablet, or PC.

You can also connect directly to the EXO Handheld for a dedicated, field-ready display.

Every EXO features LED indicators that signal if the sonde is linked via Bluetooth or logging readings. Low power consumption and a huge onboard memory allow for continuous logging of over a million readings!

Now, let’s take a look at the individual sonde options that make up the EXO Platform!

First, we have our EXO1 and EXO1S. With a 4.7cm diameter, this is our thinnest EXO Sonde. It can fit in a variety of monitoring locations, including pipes and groundwater wells where space is limited. You can remove the bail for increased flexibility.

The bulkhead features 4 sensor ports to accommodate the most popular water quality sensors. An optional depth sensor is located just above the EXO1 label. The battery version is powered by 2 D-cell batteries.

It is important to note that the EXO1 is not compatible with our Central Wiper probe, so this sonde is best suited for sampling, profiling, and short-term monitoring applications where heavy fouling isn’t a concern.

Next up, we have the EXO2 and EXO2S. With 7 ports, this is our largest capacity sonde! The center port can be used with our powerful Central Wiper. The EXO Central Wiper protects sensors from all types of fouling, reducing the frequency of site visits and extending deployments.

An optional depth sensor is located in the bulkhead. The battery version takes 4 D cells, which can last over 90 days at a 15-minute logging interval. The EXO2 also has a unique auxiliary port that allows for daisy chaining sondes together or connecting third-party sensors.

Finally, we have the EXO3 and EXO3S which effectively blend the EXO1 and 2 together. With 5 ports, the EXO3 provides wiping for up to 4 sensors. Like the EXO2, the optional depth sensor is located in the bulkhead.

Unlike the EXO2, there is no aux port and the battery version takes just 2 D-Cell batteries. The EXO3 is also unique in that it includes native SDI-12 output – there is no need for a signal output adapter!

If you would like to learn more about our EXO sensors and accessories, please be sure to check out our other EXO U videos, and thanks for watching!

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