EXO Temperature Check

EXO Temperature Check

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EXO Temperature Check

This video covers checking the EXO temperature sensor against a NIST-traceable thermometer.

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  • 0:00 – Overview
  • 0:24 – Temperature Check

Video Transcript

In this video, we'll be checking the EXO Temperature sensor for accuracy against a NIST-traceable thermometer. Temperature is used for all of the other sensor measurements, so it is important to periodically verify the sensor performance to ensure the accuracy of all other parameters.

It is also important to make sure that the calibration of your NIST thermometer is up to date. Now this is a relatively simple process if you have a thermometer on hand. Simply place the sensors next to each other so they are touching and wait for the readings to stabilize. You can use a temperature-controlled water bath, but that is not required.

The EXO temperature sensor should be reading within its accuracy spec when compared to the NIST thermometer. If you see readings out of spec, be sure to double-check the orientation and make sure the sensors are as close as possible. The EXO Temperature sensor is a highly accurate thermistor but cannot be user calibrated, so if readings are out of spec, please contact YSI tech support.

Here we can see the readings are within the accuracy spec so that we can have confidence with temperature compensation for all of our sensor measurements.

Be sure to check out our other EXO University videos, and thanks for watching!

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