4551A Purge and Trap Autosampler

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Improve sample accuracy and save lab counter space with the Model 4551A Water Autosampler. Designed to work with our 4760 Eclipse Purge-and-Trap Autosampler, the 4551A automates volatile organic compound analysis for up to 51 clean or lightly particulated water samples.

  • Overview

    The extremely compact 4551A Water Autosampler fits strategically under the 4760 Eclipse to save bench space. The instrument precisely transfers water samples from standard 40-mL volatile organic analysis (VOA) vials to the sparge vessel of the 4760 Eclipse for purging. A removable spiral autosampler tray holds 51 sample vials for fully-automated operation. Our optional LV-20 Standards Addition Module adds internal standards, surrogate or matrix spike standards and reduce the volume of standards used.

    Principle  Applications

    • Drinking water
    • Wastewater
    • Pharmaceutical
    • 16+ USEPA-approved methods
    • VPH and GRO, THMs, BTEX, Geosmin, and 2-MIB.

    Model 4551 Features:

    • Automated volatile organic compound (VOC) Analysis of up to 51 water samples
    • Compact! Fits directly under the 4760 Eclipse Sample Concentrator
    • Transfers water samples with light particulates (<100 µm) without clogging the system
    • LV-20 Standards Addition Module (optional) automates the addition of internal or surrogate standards
    • Program multiple rinses and blanks for maximum sequence flexibility
    • Decrease maintenance downtime and costs – no XYZ arm
    • Peristaltic pump and sample loop eliminate slow syringe drives

    The 4551A Autosampler is designed to be used with an Eclipse 4760 Purge and Trap Sample Concentrator to analyze VOCs in clean or lightly particulated water samples.

  • Specifications
    4551A 46 cm H x 40 cm W x 42.6 cm D
    (18.11 in H x 15.75 in W x 16.77 in D)
    4551A and Eclipse

    94.9 cm H x 40 cm W x 42.6 cm D
    (37.36 in H x 15.75 in W x 16.77 in D)

    Depth with Cover 53 cm (20.86 in)
    4551A 16.3 kg (36 lb)

    4551A and Eclipse
     32.6 kg (72 lb)
    Sample Loop  
    5 mL

    Glass loop (standard)

    Valve Six-port electrically actuated, 12 VDC, Valco® Cheminert®

    Sample Transfer Pathway


    Sampling Needle

    7", two-hole, stainless steel
    PEEK® Tubing 1/16" O.D. x 0.040" I.D. x 17" 
    Nickel Tubing 1/16" O.D. x 0.040" I.D. x 26"



    Directive 89/336/EEC:1989
    CISPR 11:1990/EN55011 (1991) Group 1 Class A
    IEC 801-2/EN61000-4-2
    IEC 801-3/EN61000-4-3
    IEC 801-4/EN61000-4-4

    12 months parts and labor

    Sample Transfer


    Accuracy Better than ±0.3%
    Power Requirements


    Voltage 100-230 VAC±10% (autoselecting)
    Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Gas Requirements


    Purity 99.999% (UHP) He or N2
    Pressure 50-125 psi
    Water Supply

    Clean water free of VOCs for rinsing the sample pathway and running blanks

  • Accessories

    LV20 3mL Amber Reservoir

    3mL Amber Reservoir

    4551a 18G Septum Piercing Needle

    Septum Piercing Needle

    4551a Transfer Gas Sleeve Needle

    Transfer Gas Sleeve Needle

    PEEK Transfer Tube 4551a

    Transfer Tube

    4551a Sample Filter

    Sample Filter

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