Photoionization Detectors (PID)

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The Model 4430 Photoionization Detector (PID) is a uniquely-designed gas chromatograph (GC) that selectively responds to aromatic and olefinic hydrocarbons in the presence of alkanes and other saturated hydrocarbons.

  • Overview

    Our Model 4430 PID’s unique patented Window Sweep™ design prevents the sample stream from contacting and contaminating the lamp window. It also allows the analysis of photosensitive compounds, which would otherwise combine to form a polymer on the window surface.

    The 4430 detector contains an ionizing chamber, UV lamp, and column makeup adaptor and uses a standalone, high-voltage power supply for the UV lamp. The 4430 PID features a unique patented Window Sweep™ design that prevents the sample stream from contacting and contaminating the lamp window. It also allows the analysis of photosensitive compounds, which would otherwise polymerize on the window surface. The 4430 PID is available for installation on most GC manufacturer’s instruments.

    PID Features:

    • UV-lamp Window Sweep design minimizes fouling from window surface contamination
    • Lampsaver™ circuit extends lamp lifetime by turning off when not in use
    • Direct interface to ELCD, XSD, or FID to form tandem detector systems; requires only one detector port
    • Detector vent for venting undesirable sample solvents
    • Compatible with packed and capillary columns
    • Custom engineered to fit specific GC models
    • Easy operation and maintenance

    Operating Principle

    The sample stream flows through the detector’s reaction chamber where it is continuously irradiated with high-energy ultraviolet light. Compounds that have an ionization potential lower than the irradiation energy (10.2 electron volts with standard lamp), are ionized. The ions formed are collected in an electrical field, producing an ion current that is proportional to compound concentration. The ion current is amplified and output by the gas chromatograph’s electrometer.  
    OI Analytical’s patented tandem GC detectors combine a photoionization detector (PID) with an FID or second selective detector providing two simultaneous chromatograms from a single run. The PID selectively responds to aromatic and unsaturated hydrocarbons in the presence of alkanes and saturated hydrocarbons. The second detector is used to further differentiate and identify compounds with specific heteroatoms. 

    Principle Applications 

    • USEPA Methods (502.2, 503.1, 602, 8020, 8021)
    • BTEX, GRO, DRO and VPH
    • Aromatics
    • Olefins
    • Alkenes and Alkynes
    • Underground Storage Tank Monitoring
    • Waste Characterization
    • Air Pollution/Industrial Hygiene

    If you're on the market for a tandem detector, experience the convenience and flexibility of the Model 4450 Tandem Photoionization Detector/Flame Ionization Detector (PID/FID) -- a patented combination gas chromatography (GC) detector incorporating the Model 4430 PID and Model 4410 FlD.

  • Specifications
    General Specifications  
    Weight 3 kg (5.5 lb)
    Controller Dimensions 14.5 cm H x 6.9 cm W x 23 cm D
    (5.75˝ H x 2.75˝ W x 9˝ D)
    Maximum Operating Temperature 250 °C
    ​Materials of Construction​  
    Inlet Glass-lined stainless steel
    Ion Chamber Gold-plated stainless steel
    Solvent Vent Valve Remotely controlled through GC external event
    Patent The 4430 PID is protected under U.S. Patent number 4,804,846.
    Dynamic Range >106
    Linear Range >106
    Sensitivity <40 pg Benzene
    Lamp Current 0–1.60 mA (in 9 steps)
    Lampsaver Time 0.5–2 hr, reset by external contact
    Gas Requirements He (99.999( purity)
    Power Requirements 105–125 (±10%) VAC/25 VA
    210–240 (±10%) VAC/25 VA

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