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Which Water Quality Handheld Instrument Do I Need?

It has been said that “all good things eventually come to an end” and with the current list of product discontinuations and the upcoming discontinuation of the remainder of some of most popular handhelds, the “classics” if you will, we believe that this “end” comes a great beginning. Everyone deserves the latest and greatest in sampling technology, and that is exactly what these Professional Series replacements give... Read the Full Story

Measuring ORP: Top Tips for the Best Data

Measuring ORP: Tips, Cautions and Limitations. ORP is typically measured to determine the oxidizing or reducing potential of a water sample. It indicates possible contamination, especially by industrial wastewater. ORP can be a valuable measurement if the user knows... Read the Full Story

Biological Nutrient Removal Applications for Monitoring ORP

Online monitoring of oxidation reduction potential (ORP/Redox) in water resource recovery facilities, provides valuable feedback on the status of biological nutrient removal. An ORP sensor is most similar to a pH sensor in design and function but more similar to a dissolved oxygen sensor in application. Read the Full Story