Biological Nutrient Removal Applications for Monitoring ORP

Biological Nutrient Removal Applications for Monitoring Oxidation Reduction Potential

Online monitoring of oxidation reduction potential (ORP/Redox) in water resource recovery facilities, provides valuable feedback on the status of biological nutrient removal. An ORP sensor is most similar to a pH sensor in design and function but more similar to a dissolved oxygen sensor in application.

The understanding of ORP is less intuitive than DO because it is a relative measurement. However, the benefit of ORP is that it provides much greater resolution of the conditions in the reactor at very low DO concentrations.

For example, monitoring the value of, and the change in, ORP allows determination of the endpoints of nitrification and denitrification and when suitable conditions exist for phosphate release, a critical step in the Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal (EBPR) process.

In addition to applications, ORP measurement principles and proper ORP sensor maintenance and calibration can be learned from the on-demand recording of Biological Nutrient Removal Applications for Monitoring ORP.



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