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Top 10 Videos of 2023

The top 10 videos from 2023 range from environmental water quality monitoring, to the launch of our on-demand EXO sonde university, to our wastewater monitoring system... Read the Full Story

Comparing Chlorine Measurement Methods

Measuring chlorine levels in water is essential for various applications, and two primary methods used are DPD colorimetric and amperometric electrode. Both methods offer accurate results but differ fundamentally in their approach... Read the Full Story

New Hampshire Facility Meets Reduced Nitrogen Limits

With such a massive renovation project underway, Newmarket WWTF had ample time to consider the options available for their new online monitoring system. They not only talked to vendors, but they consulted with other utilities. They decided on YSI’s online monitoring system, IQ SensorNet, because its sensors have a reputation for... Read the Full Story