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Stream Flow Data Improve Ice Melt Models

Whether the question is how quickly meltwater is running into the ocean or how it may be speeding or slowing the movement of the glacier itself, surface mass balance glacial melting models are crucial tools in estimating the answers and predicting their results. For 72 hours straight, they measured stream flow, as well as detailed weather readings, building a huge, real-life database of water movement and conditions at the site. Read the Full Story

The Best System for Long-Term Water Level Monitoring

The principle underlying bubbler technologies is very straightforward: by providing a continuous flow of gas bubbles into the water, the pressure required to maintain a continuous calculated bubble rate is used to determine the depth of the water. Historically this was... Read the Full Story

How a Bus Ad Was the Start of a Beautiful Friendship

It sounds like the start of a romantic comedy, the ultimate “meet cute” setup—a lovely friendship starts from random glances at a bus stop. But that’s exactly how Justin Stockley, Southeast Asia Surface Water Manager for Xylem in Perth, Australia, connected nearby Edith Cowan University (ECU). Driving his daughter to basketball practice, Stockley noticed a... Read the Full Story