Which Water Quality Handheld Instrument Do I Need

What Handheld Water Quality Instrument is Best for You?

It has been said that “all good things eventually come to an end” and with the current list of product discontinuations and the upcoming discontinuation of the remainder of some of our most popular handhelds, the “classics” if you will, we believe that with this “end” comes a great beginning.

Everyone deserves the latest and greatest in sampling technology, and that is exactly what the YSI Professional Series products provide you. Not sure what latest and greatest YSI instrument should replace your classic handhelds?

The Professional Series Handhelds: Classic Handhelds They Replace guide, is an informative, visual guide to show you each YSI Professional Series handheld and the classic meter they replace. This guide will keep your next YSI handheld sampling instrument purchase stress-free and ensure you are getting the right replacement for your current meter. We know it may not be easy to say goodbye (to your old meter) but we hope this guide makes it a little bit easier by saying hello (to your new meter). A brief explanation of each Professional Series instrument and the classic handheld they replace is also below.


The Model 30 – Discontinued, replaced by The Pro30

Parameters: Conductivity, Temperature

Looking to upgrade or replace your model 30, or simply looking for a basic conductivity meter? The Pro30 is what you are looking for.

Learn more about the Pro30.

The Model 60 – Discontinued, replaced by the Pro10

Parameters: pH or ORP, Temperature

The Pro10 has user-replaceable pH or ORP sensors. Lab-grade pH or ORP sensors are also available.

Learn more about the Pro10.

The Model 63 – Discontinued, replaced by the Pro1030

Parameters: pH or ORP, Conductivity, Temperature

Like the Pro10, the Pro1030 has user-replaceable pH or ORP sensors, with Lab-grade versions of both available.

Learn more about the Pro1030.

The Model 85 – Discontinued, replaced by the Pro2030.

Parameters: Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Temperature

With user-replaceable DO sensors, and both polarographic and galvanic sensors with new cap membrane material that make membrane changes easier as well as reducing the stirring requirements, the Pro2030 is truly a user-serviceable instrument.

Learn more about the Pro2030.

NEW Parameter Combo!– Pro1020

Parameters: pH or ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature

This new parameter combination is unique to the market, and has the same user-friendly features as the Pro10, Pro1030 and Pro2030, such as user-replaceable pH, ORP and Dissolved Oxygen Sensors.

Learn more about the Pro1020.

Model 556 – replaced by the ProQuatro or ProDSS.

Parameters: Dissolved Oxygen, pH, ORP, Conductivity, Temperature and even more!

Both the ProPlus and ProDSS offer additional parameters such as ammonium, nitrate and chloride, with the ProDSS also offering optical DO, turbidity, GPS and depth! The ProPlus uses traditional analog sensors while the ProDSS uses tough, titanium smart sensors that are auto-recognized by your handheld, so there is no need to tell that instrument what is connected.

Learn more about the ProQuatro.

Learn more about the ProDSS.

Model 55 – replaced by the ProSolo or Pro20.

Parameters: Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature

Pick your favorite DO sensor?  Prefer optical technology, the ProSolo is for you, with the stable optical DO sensor, no stirring is needed. Prefer polarographic or galvanic sensors, the Pro20 is the perfect replacement.

Learn more about the ProSolo.

Learn more about the Pro20.

So now, you have it, the YSI classics we have grown to love and will miss, but their Professional Series replacements are something to be excited about, and we are confident you will love them just as much, if not more.

All Pro Series instruments offer:

  • Longer warranty due to rugged design – 3 year handheld, 2 year cable, 1 to 2 year sensor*The-Latest-In-Our-Technology---Water-Quality-Handheld-Instrumentation-AppShot
  • Tough – IP67 (waterproof) and impact-resistant case, drop-rated to 1 meter on concrete
  • Robust metal, military-spec cable connection
  • Single cable design; cables and most sensors are user-replaceable; many cable options
  • Quick and convenient calibration procedures
  • Built-in barometer on instruments that measure DO – more accurate and easier to calibrate
  • Self-stirring BOD probes available for the lab
  • Auto-buffer recognition for pH; automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
  • Conductivity instruments can also display calculated parameters such as specific conductance, salinity, and total dissolved solids (TDS)

*6 month warranty on ammonium, nitrate, and chloride sensors.

>> Download “The Professional Series Handhelds: Classic Handhelds They Replace” Guide Now.

You can always visit the Discontinued Products & Recommended Replacements page for all updated product discontinuations and replacements.

Ready to upgrade your classic right now?! For a limited time only, you can trade-in your classic OR any other handheld no matter who the manufacturer (yes you read that right!) for any YSI Pro Series instrument!** 

**Offer Excludes ProDSS, and only available in the USA.


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I am looking for Ammonia and Nitrate/Nitrite probe for wastewater


Thank you for your interest in YSI handhelds! I sent your email along and you should be contacted so we can get you pricing and make sure you get the right product.


I am looking for Ammonia and Nitrate/Nitrite probe for wastewater


Thanks for your interest! You will get an email from Darrin Honious with some additional info.


Good day I am looking for something which can tell ammonia right from the tank in a hatchery. Thanks


Karla - please email our Tech Support group at info@ysi.com and we would be more than happy to help!


Can you send me a list of handhelds monitors recommended for ammonia, nitrate, phosphorus, and FQ parameters for seawater. Thank you


Can U plz send me a list of handhelds/monitors/probes recommended for ammonia and ph. Which instrument would U recommend to monitor these parameters in a fish farm with prices. regards MFC. Just got your pro odo meter kit.


Alexander please email our Tech Support group at info@ysi.com with your request and contact info and we'll be happy to get you what you need! Thank you.


I need to get the certifidao of analysis buffer conductivity 15E100303 lot number . Thanks for your support.


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