Upgrade to the YSI ProQuatro Water Quality Handheld Meter

5 Reasons to Upgrade from Pro Plus to ProQuatro | Multiparameter Water Quality Sampling

Since 2006, the Professional Plus water quality instrument has set the industry standard for water quality sampling, but the time has come for us to say farewell and move toward the future. Now, as the 2021 field season approaches, we are excited to crown the ProQuatro, YSI’s latest handheld in the Professional Series line, as the new successor to the Pro Plus throne.

So let’s jump into the top 5 reasons to upgrade to ProQuatro.

ProQuatro Water Sampling Meter

1. Pro Plus Has Been Discontinued

The biggest factor in switching to ProQuatro is simply that, as of March 31, 2021, YSI is no longer offering the Pro Plus multiparameter water quality meter. As always, YSI is committed to serving our customers the best we can. We will be supporting any Pro Plus instrument for 5 years after the date of purchase; including warranty and repairs.

Over the last 15 years, some of the components used in Pro Plus have become obsolete. Rather than sourcing rare components and increasing the price, we decided to take the opportunity to create ProQuatro.

We’ve included everything you love about Pro Plus and streamlined it for an improved user experience. ProQuatro is the direct replacement for the Pro Plus handheld and provides optimal performance in nearly any water quality application from lakes and streams to coastal waters, groundwater, wastewater, aquaculture, or wherever else the job takes you. In addition, the full suite of Pro Series accessories will also work with the ProQuatro from belt clips and carrying cases, to tripods and shoulder straps.

YSI ProQuatro Meter | Handheld Water Quality Sampling

2. Built for the Job

All Pro Series instruments are designed to be ultra-rugged so they can handle true fieldwork in even the harshest environments and ProQuatro is no exception. The case itself is made from a durable rubber overmolding that protects the instrument and – more importantly – your data. The scratch-resistant lens is backlit to make data easy to read in all conditions and the ergonomic design and adjustable hand strap make it easy to hold even if it’s wet or you’re wearing gloves. But don’t worry – the ProQuatro is IP67 waterproof and even floats just in case you do lose your grip. A true field instrument built for the field.

YSI ProQuatro | Portable Water Meter with USB

3. ProQuatro is Even Smarter

One of the best reasons to upgrade to ProQuatro is the addition of the On-The-Go USB port which simplifies data management and makes the ProQuatro one of the smartest instruments in the Pro Series. You don’t need a communication saddle or Data Manager Software anymore. Now you can simply connect a flash drive and upload data directly – even in the field! Data sets can be sent in a single CSV file for quick analysis.

Speaking of better data management, for ProQuatro we replaced Site Folders with Data IDs so it’s easier to track your field data.

ProQuatro Water Quality Cables | YSI

4. Easy Customization

Designed with the 4-port Quatro cable in mind, ProQuatro helps you get the job done right. Connect up to four sensors to a single cable for comprehensive multiparameter sampling with parameter options including dissolved oxygen, conductivity, specific conductance, salinity, resistivity, total dissolved solids, pH, ORP, ammonium, nitrate, chloride, and temperature.

The military-spec locking cable connectors also pair ProQuatro with any of the other cables and sensors in the Pro Series family. If you are replacing your current handheld with a ProQuatro, you don’t need to replace anything else in your setup. ProQuatro is easily customized to be the ideal choice for low-cost water quality sampling.

YSI ProQuatro Portable Handheld Water Quality Instrument

5. You Can Save Money

The advancements that lead to ProQuatro had an added benefit – we are able to streamline costs and pass those savings on to you. That’s right – ProQuatro is even less expensive than the Pro Plus while still providing the same trusted data and reliable service.

We love the Pro Plus and even though we’re sad to see it retire, we’re proud to offer ProQuatro in its place. YSI has a long history of providing the best instruments to water quality professionals and that’s a legacy we look to continue with the ProQuatro.

If you have any questions, reach out and talk to our experts.


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Hello, Do you offer any sort of upgrade service from the ProPlus to the ProQuatro?


We do have a trade in program. I would recommend contacting our Inside Sales rep, Tia Grooms to discuss. tia.grooms@xylem.com


I would like to know how much it would cost? Also the cost of freight to Solomon Islands?


Hi Carlton! Thanks for your interest. We'd need to get some more information from you to get a quote - it would be very helpful if you could fill out the information on this page and we'll get you the information you need. https://www.ysi.com/request-a-quote


I am looking for pricing for the new ProQuatro meter. We are a public/state agency and we currently have 2 of the old Pro Plus and now that it has been discontinued we would like to stay up to date. Are the old sensors and cables compatible with the new meter? Is there any trade-in value for the old model?


Thanks for response but I also asked for the price of the new handheld


As mentioned, I submitted that request and you will be connected via email directly in regards to pricing. If you don't hear from someone today please let me know (phiggins@ysi.com).


I would like to know how much it would cost? Also the cost of freight to Solomon Islands?


Thank you for your interest! I've submitted your request and we'll follow up directly.


Please send a quotation as soon as feasible for proQuatro. Thanks


Thanks for your interest in the ProQuato - it's an awesome instrument! I submitted your request and you should receive a quote soon.


I am operating a ProPlus, can I use my current cable and sensors on the the new handheld and what is the cost for the new unit.


Thank you for your question and interest! I submitted your questions and we will reach out directly to you.


And...yes! Those cables and sensors are compatible.


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