Rugged, Field-Proven Water Quality Meters | 3 Real Life Examples

(Updated August, 2017)

If you’re using a YSI water quality meter, you already know the importance of rugged, durable design for true field work. In fact, we’ve modified our features before in direct response to customer feedback, which has benefited all who use our instrumentation. One example - our aquaculture customers frequently tie their cable/probes to the end of a long pole so they can drive from pond to pond and extend it into the water to take readings quickly for dissolved oxygen. In doing so, they required cables that could withstand bouncing around on the end of a pole over rough terrain many times a day. We found the right cable, made the change, and now anyone who purchases a Pro Series instrument benefits from a more durable cable designed for some of our specific aquaculture customers.

Some manufacturers want to save costs on their connectors, or sensors, or they even design meters for the lab and tell you that you can take them into the field!

YSI Professional Series handheld instruments have become the standard in water quality sampling applications such as surface water, groundwater, coastal waters, aquaculture, and wastewater. There are 9 different instruments in the product family, providing versatile options to meet everyone's needs.

These are true field instruments that are built tough. Rugged, reliable, and providing accurate data in any weather condition, year-round. Choose a YSI Professional Series, when the environment demands it.

Don't just take our word on how tough these instruments are, check out some of the best stories customers have sent us over the years.

So, How Tough is Your Water Quality Instrument? Let’s Compare.

Story 1

YSI-Pro-Plus-from-Back-of-ATV.jpgThe YSI Pro Plus was being used at an aquaculture facility with nearly 100 ponds. The ponds were checked multiple times a day so the Pro Plus was used continually. The facility used ATV’s to get from pond to pond and one long day, an employee was anxious to get home so he sped off on his ATV after sampling the last pond. The Pro Plus meter happened to bounce off the ATV onto the ground while the cable was attached to a pole secured to the ATV. Needless to say, that poor Pro Plus bounced around behind the ATV for more than half a mile down a gravel road before the driver noticed it. He stopped, shook his head, then simply dusted it off and turned it on to check it. It was scratched up a bit but worked just fine.

Pro Plus 1, Gravel Road 0

Story 2

YSI-Pro-Series-Tough-Man.jpgA YSI customer accidentally dropped his Pro Plus off a 40-foot bridge into a raging river below. Since the river was at flood stage, they knew there was no need to head down and look, it was simply too dangerous and that little guy was surely lost. A week later, however, he and his team came back. Using a long pole to scrape the river bottom, they were able to find the cable and then pull it up to locate the meter still attached. They were amazed to find that – after a week submerged in a muddy river bed – their Pro Plus still worked. The Pro Plus wasn’t amazed though, he knows he’s tough.

Pro Plus 1, Muddy River Bottom 0

Story 3

YSI Pro Plus in Aeration Basin After One YearA YSI wastewater customer knocked a Pro Plus into an aeration basin at their water resource recovery facility. Not the best of conditions to take a dip. Seemingly lost for good, he reluctantly moved on. One year later, yes, an entire year later, the tank was drained to complete some minor maintenance. You know where this is going don’t you? Yep, there lay that rugged ole Pro Plus meter in the bottom of the tank. After a good bit of cleaning, they decided to try to turn it on. Not only did it work, but it’s still being used today!

Pro Plus 1, Bottom of Nasty Old Aeration Basin After One Year 0

Story 4

A customer placed their ProODO on the back of their truck and headed down the road. After several miles on California Highway 99, another driver notified the customer that something was being dragged behind their truck. After retrieving the meter, the customer noticed the front of the instrument was beat up and the label missing. Much to his surprise, the ProODO turned on and still worked great! The customer contacted YSI to get a new front case for the meter and to say thanks for making such a rugged product!

ProODO 1, Measly Ole California Highway 0

Story 5

A customer had been using an old YSI Model 85 for years but had recently switched to the Pro2030. While sampling in a creek with the new meter, one of the employees fell in and lost the meter. They tried fishing around in the water, but the current was strong and the water level high.

Two weeks later, after the water level came down, they found the meter sticking out of the water, covered in algae and sediment. After a bit of cleaning up and telling the Pro2030 they wouldn't abandon it again, the instrument worked just fine. The customer was ecstatic to have a meter that could withstand this test! 

Pro2030 1, Swollen Creek 0

Story 6

No one wants to sample all day in the snow and ice, but Professional Series instruments don't mind! They were built for challenging environments.ProODO-coated-with-ice.jpg

One customer used a ProODO all day in Norway on a frozen lake with temperatures at 31.64 °F. Despite these tough conditions, the ProODO performed perfectly, even while submerged in the icy lake! 

ProODO 1, Seriously Cold, Like Really Cold Lake 0

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Do you have a story you'd like to share about one of our instruments? We'd love to add to our collection of 'Built Tough' stories, so please share your story by contacting us at or through any of our social media channels

You could also share your not-so-tough stories of competitive products if you'd like but let's leave the manufacturer names out so we don't have hurt feelings. :-)


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