Enhanced WWTP Performance & Reduced Operating Costs | Online Monitoring and Control

YSI and Sanitaire hosted a webinar recently titled ‘Case Study - Enhanced Performance & Reduced Operating Costs With Online Process Monitoring and Automated Control’ as part of our Water Resource Recovery Facility Webinar Series. IQ-SensorNet-at-WWTP-on-Rail.jpg

The presenters included Bulbul Ahmed, Ph.D., P.E. Process Engineer- Water Solutions at Sanitaire and Robert Smith, P.E., BCEE, Ph.D. Applications Engineer- Water Solutions at YSI. 

Problem Statement

  • Manual blower speed adjustment based on online DO monitoring (Level 2)
    • Only able to control blower operation during work hours
    • Unstable DO concentration in the aeration basin
  • Manual Sludge wasting based on time (Level 1)
    • Amount of sludge wasted was unknown
    • What happens if valve failed to close
    • What happens if valve is not closed on time
    • Limited success in maintaining desired SRT or MLSS concentration
  • Manual chemical dosing (Level 1)
    • Ferric chloride (FeCl3 ) for phosphorous removal
    • Caustic to recover pH
    • Daily composited samples / limited control

Process Performance Optimization Objectives

Test following automatic control algorithms against manual control to examine process stability, treatment performance, and chemical & energy savings potentials Blower Driven Aeration Control

  • Phosphorous Removal Chemical Dosing Control
  • Operator Desired Solid Retention Time (SRT) Control
  • Process Optimized SRT (Smart SRT) Control
  • Operator Desired Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS) Control 10


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