MJK MagFlux 7200 Electromagnetic Flowmeter

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The MJK MagFlux® is a versatile electromagnetic flowmeter that can be deployed in drinking water and wastewater.

  • Overview

    The MJK MagFlux® 7200 is a best-in-class electromagnetic flowmeter designed for use in drinking water and wastewater applications. This mag meter is extremely reliable and uses the principle of Faraday’s law to measure flow. It utilizes an automatic self-cleaning function to help keep electrodes clean for more extended periods, increasing the MagFlux’s reliability.

    • Precise Measurement - The MagFlux maintains high accuracy at low flow rates, keeping within .25% accuracy down to 0.2 m/sec.
    • Modular Design - The MagFlux display, converter, and flowmeter can be deployed in a variety of configurations. The display can operate up to four flowmeters and can be mounted up to 1000 m from the sensor.
    • Built-in Data Logger -The MagFlux is equipped with a data logger that can record up to 345,000 data points.
    • Versatile Installation - The MagFlux can easily be installed where other flowmeters can’t. With a minimum inlet run of 3x DN and an outlet run of 2x DN, the MagFlux can easily be deployed in difficult places.
    • NSF-61 Approved - The MagFlux 7200 (in select configurations) is able to be deployed in applications that come into direct contact with potable water. 

    The MagFlux 7200 is available in:

    Sizes: 3/4" to 48"
    Lining: Flanged hard rubber 
    Electrodes: Stainless steel 316TI (default) or Hastelloy C, Platinum Iridium alloy, or Titanium
    Housing and Flanges: Painted carbon steel (default), polished stainless steel 316, or polished stainless steel 304

  • Specifications
    Display Unit  
    Enclosure rating Enclosure rating Dust- and waterproof IP 67, NEMA 6 (when mounted on Converter)
    Housing material

    Housing material Polycarbonate, glass-reinforced

    Protection lid Protection lid Transparent polycarbonate

    Display 1.5" x 2.7" white backlit LCD-display (64 x 128 pixels) with softkeys


    Indication of flow, flow direction, volume, totalizers, configuration and graph

    Clock Clock Real-time clock with built-in battery backup


    Communication MODBUS® RTU-mode 9600 baud 2-wire RS 485, master-mode


    Interface RS 485 for connection to 1 - 4 MagFlux Converters or SCADA system

    Interface USB 1,1 type mini B, Female

    Memory Memory 256 Kb Flash Memory, 20,000 entries with date, time and value
    Temperature range Temperature range -5 - 150° F

    Accuracy Accuracy +/- 0.1% of reading

    Measuring range

    Min. range = 0 - 0.6 ft / sec.

    Max. range = 0 - 30 ft / sec

    Min. liquid conductivity

    ≥ 5 mS

    Analog output One active 4 - 20 mA, galvanically isolated (max. load 800 Ω)
    Digital outputs

    One voltage-free electromechanical relay (max. 50 VDC / 1 A)

    One optically isolated MOSFET relay (max. 50 VAC / VDC / 120 mA)

    Programmable for totalizer counter, batch counter, high/low flow, system error, empty pipe and flow direction.

    Digital inputs

    one, max. 30 V DC, < 5 VDC = 0 (low), > 10 VDC = 1 (high), pulse length > 100 ms


    MODBUS® RTU-mode, 9600 baud, 2-wire RS 485, slave-mode

    Analog output 2 years on cable, probe, and ODO sensor cap
    Interface RS 485 for connection to Display Unit or PLC

    Power supply

    24 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz ± 10 % or

    115 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz ± 10 % or

    230 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz ± 10 %

    Power consumption

    10 W

    Cabinet material Polycarbonate, glass-reinforced

    Enclosure rating

    NEMA 6X, IP 67

    Temperature range

    -5 - 150° F

    Weight 1.0 kg
    CE approvals EN 61000-6-4:2001, EN 61000-6-2:2001

    Connection Box  
    Enclosure rating NEMA 6P (using gel potting kit part no. 579036). The flowmeter can withstand unlimited immersion of 30 ft. water.

    Cabinet material

    Polycarbonate, glass-reinforced

    Temperature range

    ' - 20 … 200° F

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