IQ SensorNet Interface Level (IFL) Probes

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Interface/Sludge Level Measurement for the IQ SensorNet System

  • Overview

    The IFL is an ultrasonic, interface level measurement sensor for the IQ SensorNet system. During the wastewater treatment process, the measurement of the interface level (sludge level) between liquids is important for process control. The IFL 700 IQ provides continuous sludge level data to assist with operational efficiency improvement decisions. 

    • Applications include wastewater treatment in primary/secondary clarifiers and gravity thickeners, and water treatment in pre-sedimentation and flocculator clarifiers
    • Smart signal filters out interferences like sludge rakes for reliable sludge level measurements all the time
    • Non-contact, maintenance-free automatic wiper option available
    • Factory calibrated
    • 2 year sensor warranty

    The sensor is part of our IQ SensorNet family of products and works directly with our advanced wastewater process monitoring and control platform the IQ SensorNet 2020 3G controller or our simplified IQ SensorNet 282/284 controller.

  • Specifications
    Anti Fouling Automatic, non-contact wiper (optional)
    Certifications CE, ETL, cETL
    Depth / Pressure Rating / Limit 0.3 bar (4.3 psi)
    Equipment used with 282/284, 2020 3G controllers
    Integrated Lightning Protection Yes
    Languages English, German
    Measurement Method / Channels Ultrasonic echo measurement
    Measurement Range 0.4 to 15 m (1.32 to 49.21 ft)
    Operating pH Range 4 to 12 units
    Operating Temperature 0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
    Parameters Measured Interface sludge level
    Precision Accuracy - 0.1 m (0.3 ft)
    Smart Sensors / Ports Yes
    Storage Temperature -5 to 50 °C (23 to 122 °F)
    Unit of Measure feet, meters
    User Replaceable Yes
    Warranty 2 years
    Waterproof IP-68
  • Video

    YSI IQ SensorNet System-Wide Wastewater Process Monitoring & Control

    Q SensorNet is a customizable plug-and-play system, where interconnected controllers and modules can be distributed to the exact needs of the customer Modifications to the system are simple since any IQ Sensor can work with any IQ cable, which can then be connected to any IQ module. IQ sensors are designed for the rigors of wastewater.

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