YSI Titrators are designed to ensure complete accuracy and precision in the laboratory for a variety of industries and applications. Our titrators, and compatible accessories, efficiently determine concentration levels and quickly detect equivalency points accurately. Our products bring convenience and durability, while also meeting GLP and ISO 900X standards, and simultaneously increasing sample throughput.

Xylem Lab Solutions’ TitroLine Series minimizes wasted resources and titrants by providing applicable configurations for both, simple and complex automated titrations. Automated titration methods increase sample throughput while producing high-quality and repeatable results. Offering varying customizable sample racks, titration heads and beaker sizes allows the TitroLine Series to be suitable for all laboratory titrations. If paired with the TitriSoft software, up to 16 different instruments can operate simultaneously. 

TitroLine® 5000 TITRONIC® 300 Magnetic Stirrer Titration Reagent Reservoir Titrator and Piston Burette PC Keyboard

TitroLine 5000

Magnetic Stirrer

Reagent Reservoir

Titrator Keyboard

TitroLine® 7800 TitroLine® 7750 TitroLine® 7000

TitroLine 7800

TitroLine 7750

TitroLine 7000

50 mL Exchangeable Unit for TITRONIC® 500 20 mL Exchangeable Unit for TITRONIC® 500 5 mL Exchangeable Unit for TITRONIC® 500 10 mL Exchangeable Unit for TITRONIC® 500

50 mL Unit

20 mL Unit

10 mL Unit

5 mL Unit

TW Alpha Plus Autosampler TitriSoft

Alpha Plus Autosampler